… And I just realised how boring my life is…

This is just a message to say thanks for your kind words on my previous blog. It did mean a lot to me and it made me feel a lot better just releasing all of my thoughts on everything, particularly my memories 🙂 But thanks for enjoying it.

I’m at work today. The weather is super nice so it makes me not want to work. It’s so sunny! I wonder if anyone has actually called up and told work they aren’t coming in because of the weather. I’m sure sickies have a strong correlation with good weather.

I don’t have anything too serious to write about today, so I’m just going for a ramble really. I’m going to Plymouth in a month’s time for the weekend, whilst boyf’s in Germany on business. I’m so excited! There’s something about Plymouth that I just love, but can’t put my finger on it. Obviously, the friends — goes without say! But Plymouth in the summer is extra good because its by the coast and it’s almost a crime not to be drinking whilst the sun’s up! Everything seems a lot slower down there than in London. People just plod along at their own pace, rather than jump into the river of pedestrians and trying to keep up with the flow. I think if I lived and worked down there, it’d make me more lazy than I already am. It’s not as if I was extremely lazy when I lived down there throughout university; I had lectures to go to and shifts to work. The sad thing but also best thing about Plymouth is it’s domination by students. I don’t think it’s an ‘old person’ city. But maybe that’s why I love it so much: it encapsulates my youth! Although, I’m only early twenties, ha!!

I feel old nowadays because my ‘little’ brother is 19 (that’s right, the tender age of 19) and he’s taller than me, my younger cousin who’s 17 can now legally drive! But my grandparents look exactly the same. They look exactly how I remember them to be when I was a little’un. Why is that? I’m starting to get my first set of wrinkles and frantically checking my hair isn’t grey (it wouldn’t be with the different colours I’ve had put on it) and they look as if they’re still in their 50-somethings. I wonder if that’ll happen to me. Fingers crossed that’s in my genes!

I have definitely got the blogging bug, but four posts in and I’m wondering if I can really keep this up everyday! I have been researching other people’s blogs and the events of their life are so… exciting!! Mine are so dull right now. All I do is work, go home and sleep. Work, go home and sleep. Oh, and then I’ll go spinning class. And then, see my Mum. And go home and sleep.

Need some excitement, maaan!!


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