Coconut water tastes weird…

Today, because of my high motivation (see last post), I tried my first carton of coconut water. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s something that all the celebs are drinking, speeds your metabolism (thus helps weight loss), makes you alert, all the good stuff.

Problem is, it tastes weird. Three quarters of the way through, the after-taste was making me gag. But I have to do something good and healthy for me, at least once this year. Plus, I bought a week’s supply, so I better get used to it!!

Had my three month review today with my super cool line manager. Did well 🙂 Just got to learn to take lunch, prioritise better and read people’s minds before they think it. Not bad criticisms, but things to work on, which is good. I like a challenge!

I’m going to the gym after work. Aren’t I good?! Don’t know what to do at the gym, but it’ll be something… Must. Try. Running. Soon. That’s gotta be the best way of losing weight – hopefully, I’ll try it tonight and be 3 stone lighter tomorrow. Or not. Running alongside coconut water *must* make a huge difference. I’ll let you know later… Or on Thursday, after group. Last night’s curry probably would un-aid weight loss, so if I lose weight this week, we’ll know something’s up! Bring on the coconut water!!


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