Stupid Trains RUIN EVERYTHING!!!

Argh, so last night was a nightmare after my alright day.

Not only did I get caught in the rain without an umbrella, all the way from the office to Fenchurch Street — ooooh, nooo!! After the gym, I found out the trains from Fenchurch Street had problems, so jumped on the first one with my stop. This one made a 20 minute stop before Limehouse. So when I had efficiently booked my taxi half hour after it departed, I had to call up the taxi company, greeted with a rude “Who are you??!” and push my time back further.

Then, my phone battery ran out. And then, the train stopped AGAIN. Inefficient!

I didn’t want to ask anyone to borrow their phone – they were just as agitated as I was, but I was the only one traveling home in their sweaty gym gear… And I was greeted at my station, with no taxi. As expected really. Asked the train person behind the glass if they had a pay phone to which I received a very dreary and bored “No…” So I asked where the nearest pay phone was… “I dunno…”. Thanks, train woman behind the glass!!

I walked out of the station, wondering what the hell I should do. I couldn’t walk home, because it’s all main roads and there’s a really scary round-a-bout that I wouldn’t mind not crossing! And there, on my right. A pub. Hooray! But, oh. Does that mean I have to buy a drink or crisps or something to use their phone? I’m not hungry or thirsty, so neither would be beneficial. So slowly, I walked in, soaked from the rain, and asked the bar maid if I could use their phone to call a taxi because my taxi had left me and I had no battery – she just passed me the phone! I swear I saw a bright light behind her and angel music playing.

Called the taxi company – that stupid woman from earlier picks up the phone and starts, even after I explained my situation. Tried to keep my cool, but didn’t. And thus, they sent a taxi. Hooray!

I got home and just cried.

Boyfriend calls and I offer him a lift. When the time comes, I pick him up, start talking about my journey and just start crying AGAIN. I am so emotional at the moment. I would like someone to slap me and tell me to slap out of it please.

This morning, I picked up my Stylist magazine that I do every Wednesday, by Tower Hill station. And there’s a CUTE puppy on the front, with the caption “Admit It… He’s Already Made You Smile”. And it did. So hooray for Stylist magazine – I even emailed the editor to say thanks for it! Such relief that I’m not just this crying ogre all the time!!


One thought on “Stupid Trains RUIN EVERYTHING!!!

  1. Hey u,

    Just seen your tweet about only two c2c disruptions in a fortnight. My god i would be so happy with that! try travelling on Southeastern! im lucky if i get to work at all let alone before lunch time. As for getting home in the evening…well ive now got keys for the office and there is a sofa an a shower so i can stay here all week and go home on a friday 😀


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