Infestation in OUR HOUSE!

I wish the house would go right. Our boiler got fixed, thanks to Uncle. Hooray, hot water.

Last night, Mum, boyfriend and I went out for dinner. Had a really good time šŸ™‚ Laughed, joked, chatted. Everything’s good.

Came home and our house is infested by these HORRIBLE little waspy-bee things! Boyfriend thinks they’re bees, I think they’re wasps. They are dying by every window at the front of our house. In the porch. In our SHOWER. EVERYWHERE. I quickly drove around to Mum’s and got some fly spray. Boyfriend picked up all the dead ones and we counted forty.

DISGUSTING! Worst thing about summer EVER!! Pest control man says that it’s because the weather’s got cooler and they need somewhere to hang out… So they’re going through a hole in our wall where a pipe comes through and USING our house as their shelter! Not cool, Wasp-Bees. Not cool.

So we’ve got to wait it out for a couple of days and see if they leave. Problem is we set up a trap containing a small jar of jam and some duct tape in our porch. So now all the wasp-bees are going to congregate in the porch. I am dreading walking through our front door this evening…


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