I am not feeling well today. I have really tight eyes, a headache, achey-ness all around my body and the horrible feeling of being overly tired, although I had 10 hours sleep last night, because I was so tired last night, I went to bed at 9pm (after falling asleep during The Simpsons at 8.30pm)! I think I might be coming down with something 😦 SAD TIMES. Early night and Lemsip, I think! I am being a trooper and still at work, but level of productivity has decreased from ‘really super productive’ to ‘productive when people need me to be’. I hate this feeling.

Just a catch up as I haven’t written in the blog for a while.

The waspy-bee things didn’t come back. That night (the one with the jam jar trap), there were about 5 of them, and then they didn’t come back. Thank GOD. I don’t think I would’ve been able to cope! Our home obviously wasn’t good enough for them. Good.

Whilst boyfriend went to Le Mans 24 hour race (yawn) with the lads, I went away with my Mum to Tenerife. We had a good time. Got caught in Taboo’s three times due to, “Let’s stay for one more…”, drinking one more, getting into interesting conversation, “Let’s have one for the frog”… another drink, “Oooh, I love this song!” syndrome! I was severely self-inflictedly ill on the Sunday before we caught our plane on the Monday.

Our plane was delayed coming home. Firstly, because the flight before didn’t take off when it was meant to, so we had to swap gates. Then, because there was technical difficulty, so as we were sitting down, the captain had to switch off the whole plane and start it back up again. There were so many babies on the flight. I had a baby next to me called Honour and she was the quietest baby in the world. But all the other babies made up for it. Crying. Screaming. Running up and down the aisle. Stinking up the plane with dirty nappies! And that was before I realised we were further delayed due to the 100 mph winds that the captain threw at us. half hour before we were MEANT to land! Beautiful!! Bloody Easyjet…

And now, we’re home and I’m back to work. The first day back was particularly crazy – a 12-person meeting with lunch served and teas and coffees whenever they wanted them! Was CRAZY! But the guy who took the meeting said thanks 🙂 So that made me feel good that it was noticed. But now it’s my second day back after holiday and I feel and look like death!!! Four hours until hometime, if I make it that far!!

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