The Right Questions…

Last night, the boyfriend threw on me last minute that he actually had a staff meeting to go to and had to go out for a few beers. This meant no commute home together and getting someone else to pick me up.

Today, he has texted me at lunchtime saying, “I’m in the pub”. Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: “What? Why?”
Boyf: “Business!!”
Me: “Are you still going to come home with me then?”
Boyf: “Of course!”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Boyf: “I’m at my desk!”
Me: “Drunk?”
Boyf: “Not at all”

These, I feel, are the right questions to ask. I think they should be those quick draft texts that you can save and just send when you need to. Ultimate laziness. But ultimately necessary!


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