Weirded out, but in a nice way…

Three weeks before the accident, my parents and I were watching the television (probably The One Show), and an organ donor advert came on during the break. One of my parents (my memory serves me poorly…) asked the other, “Would you donate your organs?”

A few statements that I do remember from that night are, my Dad saying. “They can take whatever they want, as long as it’s not rotten”. And the running ongoing joke that Dad and I took the piss out of my Mum for: “So, if someone took my eyes… Would they need my glasses? And if someone took my liver… would they be partial to a Barcardi and Coke?!”

So when we were in the hospital and the organ donor lady came to see us in the waiting room after we’d heard, we already knew what the answer was. “Yes, as long as it’s not rotten”. They had to keep my Dad alive to preserve the organs. But they declared an autopsy needed to be taken, and so the machines needed to be turned off; however they could still take his skin and eyes.

Because my Dad was on a whole bunch of medication, they were no longer able to take his skin. So we donated his eyes. Part of our ongoing joke.

Today, we’ve found out that his eyes have helped a 59-year-old man and a 30-year-old lady. I am so happy about that. I’m happy that my Dad has still his generous nature, even though he’s gone. I’m happy that it has helped someone with their sight. I couldn’t imagine being blind or having impaired vision of any kind. Hopefully, they will see things a little clearer.

I’m very proud at this precise moment, but it’s a weird proud 🙂 Proud, all the same.

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