Two Day Hangover from HELL!

So, as you’re probably aware, I went to Plymouth last weekend. I was super excited about it all! It’s good to get away, I deserve a break, because work’s been crazy and my line manager wasn’t here to help. She was on stupid holiday for 2 weeks. ANYWAYS. STUPIDLY excited about going to Plymouth! And it started like this!

Grabbed a train after work, read my book the WHOLE way down there and got to Plymouth at around 11.00pm. Checked in, saw my friend Sonia, who I didn’t realise worked in the hotel, watched Friday Night With Jonathan Ross until I fell asleep.

Woke up on Saturday morning, wandered into town, got some breakfast from the Cafe Galleria. The place was invaded by old people, felt instantly too young to be there. But crumpets and water was good! Done a little bit of shopping to complete my outfit for Saturday night. Went back to my hotel room, tried on my outfit, looked smokin’. Got dressed in day clothes and went to the China House to wait for Anouska to pick me up with Dave 🙂 And we picked Mark up too.

Drove (got a bit lost) to Ben’s new house, which was really cute. It had like a secret garden feel to it. Very nice house, nonetheless. Ate foods. I drank 1 Pimms, and some strawberry lemonade. Others drank more Pimms, cider and beers. Very nice catch up with good friends from my MBM course 🙂

Anouska and Dave drove me back to the China House. Went into hotel room. Chilled for about an hour or so. Started getting ready, whilst texting my drinking buddy, Sam – who was already drinking! Got ready, whilst listening to the UK Top 40 on 4Music. Walked all the way down Royal Parade to the Union Rooms. Met up with Sam and started drinking wine, knowing full well that I shouldn’t drink wine, it makes me drunk quickly.

More friends arrived in the shape of Cat, Amber, Ben, Laura and Kate. Amber and Sam ordered paninis, Ben ordered chips, which we ate. Amber went because she had work the next day 😦 Got a taxi (I think…) to the Barbican. Turned up in a random bar, Ben bought me a drink, which I didn’t care what it was. It was cider. I swapped drinks with him. Peeps didn’t enjoy the loud live music, so we wandered over to Wow club.

I’d never been there before, and I don’t remember buying a drink here, so my drink count so far is about 6. Started having a boogie on the dance floor, whilst texting my brother-from-another-mother, Tom… HE TURNED UP. And I was so excited. I hadn’t seen him for about a year! And I love him! He’s so great. Although all of my memories of him involve him being really annoying and throwing things at me. Met his other half, who seemed really nice and cool. Drunkenly told her if she wanted to slag him off behind his back, she can to me… Don’t know why I did that…

Friends wanted to move onto View 2, so we did. Saw another Tom (again, another person I hadn’t seen for about a year). Didn’t drink in here either… Didn’t boogie, feet were hurting so sat down most of the time we were in here. Peeps started going home, coz they were all lame and tired and stuffs. Then, Laura, 2nd Tom and I left the club… And I remember getting into a taxi. Got to my hotel, went to the reception desk, bought breakfast. Sonia was there again! Drunken conversation with Sonia, texted a few peeps (that I only saw when I woke up..), downed a few (tiny) glasses of water and slept.

Woke up on Sunday, went for breakfast. Still drunk. Food didn’t taste as good as last time boyfriend and I went down, but it was lining my stomach. Back to room, chilled out a bit more. Felt a LOT sick. Texted a few friends about last night. Apologised to a few friends after reading drunken texts from last night. Checked out, jumped into a taxi, got to the station. Drank milkshake and Lucozade to try and cure my hangover. It didn’t. Hungover the WHOLE way on the train. Lady who sat next to me kept telling me the football score. We lost. Referee’s a…

Got to London, ate a little more. Got a taxi to my other train, because it was so hot that I didn’t want to face the tube. Plus the match was only just over and I could see so many people being in a bad mood. Waited an hour for my next train to arrive. Man asked me if I was ok, as I was sitting on a bench with my head in my hands. Told him I was severely hungover. Jumped on train, got home, curled up in a ball. Started watching ‘Snatch’ with boyfriend – got annoyed when he started speaking the script over the top of the film. Drank a LOT of water, took paracetomal. No effect.

Woke up today. Still not feeling great. Ate breakfast, made me feel WORSE. Drank water all day. No effect. *sigh* I’m getting too old for this…

A GREAT weekend, nonetheless. I just can’t believe I am suffering this bad from 6 drinks. Wine sucks.

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