Re. You. Neon.

Someone made it kinda apparent last week that I don’t really have any friends anymore. And to be honest, I don’t really.

It’s weird because as soon as you finish school/sixth form, you go on to live the rest of your life. You go to university or you jump into work. You make new friends. But if you go to university, you finish university, (often) you come back home and then you’re left with no friends, because the people who were your friends at school for 5 days a week (6 days a week at my old school, until they abolished Saturday school) now have other friends who they live with or whatever.

I left school 5 years ago. I was there for 7 years. Those people I met at school are probably my longest EVER friends. And now we don’t get to see each other no more because of stupid new life choices, living in different places, work (BLUERGH!!).

I have created a Facebook group for said people in my year at school to meet up for a reunion. Considering there were about 100 people in my year, I have 40 of them on my Facebook profile. Only 9 (including myself and a best friend that decided we should do it) have joined. I was waiting for FLOODS of people to join, but it’s kinda not happening at the moment. I was gonna hire out a function room, somewhere convenient for most people, yadda yadda yadda…

I completely understand if people don’t want to live in the past. But GOD, school was definitely the best years of my life. Probably not because of the school work. Because I had FRIENDS. And I saw them between 2 hours (sixth form classes) and 7 and a half hours (for other lessons) a day, for 5 or 6 days A WEEK. That equates to… well, a LOT of time.

I obviously still have friends in Plymouth, because I go down and see them a fair amount. They are the people I worked with for 4 years and I love them dearly. I would just like to have some friends nearer home that I can go out with.

Saying that, I have started making contact with some people I went to primary school with, which is quite nice. Our primary school only had like, 86 pupils altogether, so was a really tiny school – and again, there’s no real reason why we all should’ve fell out of contact other than we went to different secondary schools.

Life is so hard sometimes. Ha.


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