Re. You. Neon. Take 2.

Ahhh! So. The group we started on ‘a social networking site’ last week, which had about 9 members at one point now has 33 members!! I can’t believe the growth in such a small amount of time!! But then, we have issues with people not logging onto the ‘social networking site’ as often as I (obsessively) do and people being on holidaaaay.

One issue we’ve had is that one person who’s really up for it goes to university abroad and he has, well, 3 weeks left until he goes back. 😦 Don’t like letting people down, but looks like he’s going to be… It’s just not enough time, a lot of places are booked up because it’s summer and parties are frequent.

I am getting really excited about this now. I just hope it all works out.. I don’t want to book the venue, put a deposit down and then realise no one can make it because then I lose.

But eeeep!! Exciting stuff!!

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