Creepy Witch doctor tendencies…

Well, had a very nice weekend…

On Saturday, I worked, but it went really quickly as Tom and Jake are a laugh to work with. Just spent most of the day, beating each other up with woggles. Boyfriend cooked me a really nice meal and we drank a bottle of wine each. He realised he was out of drink (I wasn’t :)), so we wandered down to the pub and called my Mum and she came down to join us. Very nice time, bit hungover the next day.

Sunday, I was so excited because we were going to see Toy Story 3. So we went to Lakeside early (because I wanted to buy an eReader – Currys didn’t have any left 😦 so had to order online in the end), had some lunch and then went to get our tickets from the self-serve machine. The machine told me I hadn’t booked any tickets, which I definitely did, so we went to see the popcorn monkey, and he printed out our tickets. We wandered back around Lakeside, because we still had about half hour. Fifteen minutes before the film, boyfriend wanted an ice cream, so we purchased this and sat down to eat it. I checked the tickets. We were meant to see it on Saturday. I was so unhappy that we didn’t get to see it, I was so excited!! Boyfriend just laughed. Conclusion: I’m an idiot. Rebooked to see Toy Story this Sunday!

We went home and watched the Formula 1. And then, we both fell asleep. We’re so lame. Hahaha.

Nothing really happened on Monday but last night, boyfriend had to go out because it was someone’s birthday. I sat in and started watching My Sister’s Keeper, until I got a phone call about an hour from the end; boyfriend asking to be picked up, which I said I would as long as he didn’t keep pressing the handbrake button and as long as I could keep watching my film when he got in. He agreed and he watched it with me, after making himself scallops and rice, spilling water all over the kitchen.. He got pretty upset about that film and as soon as it was over, vowed he’d never watch another film with me again! Ha. No Toy Story 3 for you then!

We went to bed and I had a stomach ache, he was still (drunkenly) upset about the film. He started kissing my belly to try and make my stomach ache go away. Suddenly, I heard a whisper.
“Sorry, what was that?”
“Nothing, nothing…”

Turns out he’d started whispering to my stomach, like some sort of creepy Witch doctor, repeating the words “Be better”. It was so creepy and Gollum from LOTR sounding, it was funny. Honestly, crying with laughter, doesn’t quite cover it. But I’d forgotten about my stomach ache for 5 minutes, which is a plus.

He’s so random sometimes 🙂


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