To Infinity and Beyond: A Toy Story 3 Review.

So after two previous attempts and £60 worth of cinema tickets later, boyfriend and I finally saw Toy Story 3D last night! Loved loved LOVED it!! It was the first 3D film I saw in this old retro cinema in the Barbican Centre.

The cinema was so cool. Apparently, they only show 4 films for a week and then change to other films. There were only two screens. And there was a bar. Vodka and diet cokes aplenty!! It was pretty empty as it was a Monday evening, the show timing was at 8.30pm and didn’t finish ’til gone 10. We got there so early, we wandered around and there are lots of mirrors and lights changing from red to blue… It was pretty eerie as there wasn’t anyone else but the cinema stewards there. But cool all the same. Go there.

Pixar did what they usually do and got us all into the spirit of things with a short film called “Day & Night”. That was pretty funny and I was already back to feeling like an 11 year old at the cinema.

Film was so good!! I don’t want to give too much away, but I think it matches the first Toy Story. I wasn’t that keen on the second one. And the fact that the villain is a cuddly, strawberry-scented, purpley-pink teddy bear is very clever. Although he doesn’t match with Sid on the baddie-scale, he was still pretty frightening!! And I loved the story, building upon the whole “we’re all a family, we all have to be here when Andy needs us, let’s all stick together coz you’re my friend” stuff.

Didn’t understand the point of 3D, other than looking ridiculous wearing glasses with complete strangers. I took a picture of boyfriend and he looked like a Blues brother. Dread to think how I looked! Not much happened in terms of 3D stuff. I was expecting Slinky throwing himself out of the screen at us, but no such luck. I suppose the perspectives were quite good, but I’m sure you could’ve got those kind of effects without wearing ridiculous glasses.

Annoying thing: Man in the back of the cinema kept CLAPPING with every funny bit. It wasn’t as if it was an applause, it was a very sloooow clap, consisting of about 5 per funny bit. Argh! Dead annoying. I wish you could choose who could be in the same screen as you.

“Are you a clapper?”
“GET OUT!!!”

That’s how I’d imagine the conversation to go anyways. But if you haven’t seen it GO AND SEE IT! It made me want to go home, go up in my attic and play with my toys. I have a Woody and Slinky Dog somewhere…


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