Ahhh! Excited!!

That’s right. V FESTIVAL TOMORROW! Weekend starts AT the end of the day. I’m so excited, my fingers won’t stop typing!! Although this whole thing was pretty stressful at the beginning of the week…

I have made 40 vodka jelly shots, charged my battery powered radio, packed lots of underwear, wellies, dry shampoo and a rain mac. I just gotta stock up on my wet wipes, buy some mixers for my vodka (that my nan gives to me every time I visit!) and get pampered this evening!

OH MY GOD, I can barely contain my excitement. I’m going to listen to nothing but Kings of Leon and Kasabian today. And some Example and Professor Green (and even some Tinie Tempah – that’s right, it’s all spelt wrong!!) for that part of me that won’t stop listening to dance music/distinctively popular rap!

I love V festival for the little villages it creates within the camp site. There’s always a circle of tents and, if you’re not camping with anyone you know, you will know them at the end of the weekend. Last year, Pete got so drunk, he called everyone around us ‘Pete’, just so he’d remember all the names… This was whilst boyfriend had passed out, spread eagled in the tent and I was scoffing my face with noodles, that I’d drunkenly made my brother go and buy for me…

Some promises for this year:
I promise not to get THAT drunk on Friday that I am sick all over the door of my tent. True story. In fact, I promise NOT to drink before 12 on Friday.
I promise not to fabricate arguments whilst being drunk on Friday, call my brother to get my stuff and move into his tent for about 20 minutes.
I promise that when boyfriend and I inevitably have an argument, I won’t hand him a beer and say “Enjoy YOUR V festival” and storm off. I just won’t hand him the beer.
I promise to sing along with Pete when he sings “If I had a hammer” whilst pitching his tent… HA!
I promise that, instead of being lame and staying at one stage and just watching those bands, I will move around and see the bands that I actually want to see.
I promise to venture into the Barcardi or Magners tent – places I never dared to venture before.
I promise to not get THAT upset when a cup of piss lands on my feet/head. That’s what dry shampoo’s for, right??

And I VOW to find that burrito stall that boyfriend got a burrito and I didn’t. Obviously a big regret from last year.

Nomnomnom, burreeeeeetooooo, nomnomnom.


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