V Festival 2010: A review

AHHH! Gutted it’s over!

Had a BRILLIANT time. No fights, no arguments… AND WE FOUND THE BURRITO STAND!!!

Bands who I thought were gonna be crap were actually REALLY good. And Madness and Stereophonics who were always gonna be good were better than I thought they were gonna be. Paolo Nutini wasn’t that great, because it rained, and although it rained during Madness, that didn’t matter. But when it rained through Paolo Nutini’s set, we had to go.

Goldie Lookin Chain were SO good. I never really liked them before, and they are at V every single year, but never had an interest. Boyfriend and Pete wanted to see them, so we sat outside the tent and they ROCKED. Mind you, with songs like “Your missus is a nutter” and “Your mother’s got a penis”, I’m surprised I wasn’t more into them.

Madness were INCREDIBLE. I got a bit emotional because Dad wanted to set up a tradition that we go and see Madness every year, and we never got to do it. But I knew ALL their songs. My boss was surprised when I told him they were really good – he thought I was too young! Never too young for good music, my good man! Opened up with ‘One Step Beyond’, sang ‘Embarrassment’ which is my favourite Madness song! Played all the favourites like ‘House of Fun’, ‘Baggy Trousers’, ‘Our House’ AND ‘It Must Be Love’. Going to see them again for sure!

Kings of Leon were boring. I know that’s a nasty thing to say, but all of their stuff is sooo dreary. Boyfriend and I got bored so walked off and through David Guetta’s set, which sounded FAR more exciting!!

Professor Green was surprising. I didn’t think he’d be able to pull the live act thing off. But he really really did. So much energy on stage, I didn’t know all but two of his songs but I was humming them along all day.

Camping was standard. Didn’t rain, which was good. Pitched up near a burger van who played music all day and night, which was bad, but not the most terrible thing in the world. Better than pitching next to portaloos!

Booked next year’s tickets, the money’s been taken out but no confirmation email yet… Worrying… We had a tragedy (I don’t know if I wrote about it) concerning V tickets this year in that my 4 had been cancelled because they were delivered to the same address! So I did mine, delivering to my house, and mum did her’s delivering to her house. Fingers crossed they won’t cancel the lot just because we have the same surname! That would be CRAZY. I might have to call them tomorrow if I haven’t had a confirmation by then!

Can’t WAIT for next year.


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