Happy Contraception Day!

Well. This is going to be a bit of a randomer. A straggler, if you will.

Today is Contraception Day. It’s also the day the Pope visited the UK. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

It’s been a bit of a crazy week. Well, few weeks really. Work has been insane in the membrane, full of contractors coming and going, projects finishing and not finishing, people leaving and wanting to leave. It’s scary times, I suppose. It’s quite bad when I’m as stressed as everyone else, but I don’t have a real project, unless you count the whole company as a project – in which case, it’s a pretty big one.

I’ve been trying to cheer everyone up in the office with stupid jokes.
“Skype has fallen over!”
“Do you have a cable for the Okie Dokie?”
“I’m Martin!”
And so on and so forth. But nothing will bring anyone out of the stupid rut they are in. It’s sad times really. It’s nearly the end of a quarter though, so maybe after all of that, people will slow down for the beginning of the next one.

Clients are invading our office. Post is being delivered here. They are taking phone calls from our line. It’s truly terrifying. Sometimes I wonder which company I actually work for… And right now, they’ve taken a meeting room and they’re drinking OUR coffee… But that’s fine, I’m not overly protective. Really.

BUT DO NOT FEAR, READER! I have a DAY OFF tomorrow!! YUS!

This is what I plan for my day off (so far!):
– LAY IN : This is actually the highest of my priorities. I don’t care if it’s for half an hour, I WILL have a lay in!!
– Paint some of a wall because the masking tape I used for cutting in took it off 😦
– Book tattooing for me and best friend on Saturday : I’m going to get a memorial tattoo for my Dad. I’m planning on getting the sheet music for “Don’t look back in anger, I heard you say” on my back. Best friend can’t decide what she wants and I’m meant to be persuading her not to get another one, but I’m doing the exact opposite. If I’m going to feel pain, someone else is too!!
– Lunch with other best friend. YUS! Catch up with best friend – can’t wait πŸ™‚
– Salon for toenail treatment and hair that’s not meant to be there ripping… that’s waxing for all you normal people
– Calling up Sony and working out why my eReader is just not working ever since I’ve bought it! I bought it a few months ago and it still won’t work! Grrr!
– Making anniversary dinner for boyfriend as we’ve been together 3 years. Yus. 3 years. That’s like a proper grown up relationship. And he STILL won’t buy me a puppy or take me on holiday. I KNOW, I KNOW, we need the money! Jeez..
– Pub : Let’s face it, it’s not as if it’s a Friday without visiting the pub in the eve.

So that’s a lot of bullet points for a relaxing day off. BUT I’M SO EXCITED! Not as much as I was for V, buuuut… nearly!


Tonight, I’m going for a curry with the boys πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen them for a while. Well, I say a while – last time I saw them, I got there ridiculously early and they all got there ridiculously late! I hope someone told Alex the wrong time, so he’ll be there on time! Tom and Rob have NO excuse. Particularly as Tom is picking me up! I will not look like I’ve been stood up, ya hear?!

And then Saturday, it’s teaching and hopefully tattooing! I’m a bit nervous about my tattoo, it’s going to be very sentimental to me. I’m excited nervous, I guess! Pics shall be posted on social networking sites πŸ™‚


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