"And tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be…"

I’ve been planning this post all morning on the train, over my breakfast at Starbucks, reading Stylist magazine (who’s headline was “Are you being paid enough?”) and on my walk over the bridge. Have you ever wanted to be someone else? It’s not like I imagine it all the time, just sometimes I wonder what it’s like being Lady Ga Ga for an hour (because I think that’s all I’d be able to take of her crazy lifestyle and outfits!) or someone in the office for a day, or even someone on the other side of the world for a week!

What got me to thinking about all of this is (funnily enough) work. At the moment, it’s all a bit crazy in the office. But surely, there’s some sort of perspective to be thought about. I’m very lucky to have a job and I appreciate that, because if I didn’t have a job, I’d be going to the Job Centre every day to look for one, and that wouldn’t be much of a life. That is my perspective, however I’ve not really lived a day like that, because I was lucky enough to fall into jobs straight from uni.

If I was to be someone else in the office today, I might be more or less stressed than I am already. Probably even more stressed though.

I have a perspective that I’m lucky to be in this job than to be an operations manager of my old pool, and I empathise with the current operations managers who are struggling there and looking for a way out.

There are some cases that I don’t need perspective. For example, I wouldn’t jump out of a plane for a living because I prefer my feet safely on the ground! But there’s just some more things that I need to clarify.

But then again, perspective comes from experience. And I suppose, at 23 and most of my life in education, I haven’t had a lot of that. When speaking to boyfriend’s dad about this, it’s completely crazy that our society has changed so much, in that his generation would go straight to work at 15 or 16, but most of my generation come out to work in their early 20s! And I suppose that brings the whole “education vs. experience” debate full circle. I would prefer more experience, but would that be because I had the education? Inevitably, I imagine someone who has the experience, would eventually need the education. And it may be a case of wanting what you didn’t have.

But I suppose in this ‘current economic climate’, it’s not doing anyone the world of good, because the experiencers want to get the experience first, but the educationers are graduating (maybe even trying to take a short cut to the inevitable) and not getting jobs.

It’s a tough situation. But then you have to look at this year’s A level results as well. Some people who got A*s throughout their A levels weren’t offered a place at university, so have been forced to experience first – which is maybe something they didn’t want to do. And it makes me question what will happen next year with those, perhaps re-applying, and those others who have just done their A levels? It will continue to be a knock on effect!

When planning this blog, I didn’t think it’d go this way.. Perspective is a crazy thing.

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