Weekends should be longer…

I had THE best weekend. Minus little girl who cries in my class every week still crying and making me feel guilty.

So here’s what happened on Saturday.

Taught in the morning. Aforementioned girl crying. Two newbies starting. Bit annoying as I’m writing badges this week, so kinda had to assess my already children, rather than concentrate whether newbies can swim or not! Anyway.

Got my haircut 🙂 My hairdresser, Nicola, works at Toni and Guy, but she’s been a lifelong friend, really. She’s just had a baby called Ruby and I met her. She is so TINY. She was 6 weeks premature and she’s 6 weeks old now. Mum says I was that size when I was BORN! So it’s like, woah! Nic asked if I wanted to hold her and I said no, because I’d probably drop her!

Then, went home, watched a film. (500) Days Of Summer. Was good to watch because we never watch girly films at home anymore. The television is taken over by Top Gear or Formula 1 or football or cricket. When I’m rich enough, I’m going to buy another Sky box, which will be my very own!

After film, we got ready and went to the pub because Lunchie was back from his latest Thailand stint. Can’t remember much after that, just remember seeing the pub clock at 2.30am…

Sunday was huge pyjama and hangover day. I love days like that. We literally do nothing but watch TV and sleep. Then I checked my emails and I had an email from the National Lottery saying there was some exciting news about my ticket. Loading that page never took so long. I won £2! The rollover on Wednesday is £82million! Oh my God, I would give up work and sleep in that money all day! We ordered pizza, which was some more huge hangover day.

Weekends should definitely be more like this. And 5 days longer.


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