Dubai… Du-pay…

Last week, I went on holiday to Dubai with my Mum and my adoptive Godparents – ‘adoptive’, because no one can remember if they’re my Godparents or my brother’s Godparents and we don’t see the other set anyways. Brother was meant to come, but he had university commitments – i.e. the second year’s not as easy as the first year realisation commitments – so he couldn’t make it.

I was so excited. One and only holiday all year, other than the weekend in Tenerife, which I don’t really count, because it was only a weekend. This one was five days. FIVE days! How exciting to forget about everything for five whole days.

So, I packed and off we set at 6.30am on a Friday morning to Gatwick airport, which is like a complete building site. Our airport was so empty at that time in the morning – it’s good to have the power to choose when to go on holiday and not just be shepherded along with all the other families with kids who had broken up from school too.

I was stopped and my bag was searched after the scanning part of the whole airport ordeal. I always feel kinda violated when it happens. It’s my stuff, don’t touch it. But I appreciate that I could be a terrorist as much as the next guy or girl. Plus, I stupidly forgot to take my bottle of water out of my bag. Well done, Franno!

We went and sat in the departure lounge, waiting to be called. Lots of food consumed and the start of the alcoholic beverages began at 9 o’clock on Friday morning!

Flight was pretty good. Watched Toy Story 3, The Disappearance of Alice Creed and something else that escapes my memory. Must’ve been thrilling…

Got to Dubai airport at night time. That airport is i m m e n s e. It was just so clean and tidy! Completely different from the airport we used to go to and from Dubai. Jumped in a cab, and made our way to the hotel.

We stayed in a hotel called Atlantis, which is on the Palm of Dubai. That’s the man-made island of tyres and whatever else to make it float and keep it sturdy, which is in the shape of a palm tree. As the name suggests, the hotel was completely sea-themed. Brightly coloured paintings of fish, an aquarium wall which, if you had your diving license, you could go and swim with all the thousands of fish in there. Honestly, I think every time we walked past it, we stopped and stared hypnotically for half hours, which must’ve mounted up to hours of our holiday.

We dropped our bags off in our rooms and headed to the bar.

3 pitchers of mojitos, 8 sex on the beaches, 1 plate of nachos and 1 box of chicken wings later and we’d gone to bed. Drunken. Was a good night 🙂

The next day, the heat was sweltering. We’d gone to Dubai before but perhaps a few weeks later when it was much cooler, but just by standing outside for ten minutes, you would be sweating profusely – and everyone else would be too, so it was fine. So we sunbathed until we started seeing spots in our vision lines, went back to our rooms for a siesta, then woke to get ready for dinner.

The Atlantis has 17 restaurants, 1 nightclub, several bars (I’d say about 17ish..) and it’s own shopping avenue. We decided to eat at a Steakhouse, called Seafire. The food was pretty good, the steak was just amazing. We didn’t want to overdo the drinking, so we had a pretty settled night.

The next morning, adoptive Godmother was sick. The symptoms were definitely food poison related. She stayed in bed all day, whilst the three of us went to the beach. We’d planned to go to the Dubai shopping mall when the sun got too hot, so we checked if that was ok, and off we trotted to the Dubai mall. I had started having stomach pains just before we left, but they were bearable.

We were wandering around shops. Jimmy Choo was the first we went into. I know I tweeted about spending £95 on a pair of shoes, but there is no way on earth I’d spend hundreds and hundreds on shoes!

Suddenly, as we were looking for Louis Vuitton, I felt this sharp pain in my stomach, which caused me to double over. Godfather said it was best for us to go home.

Sick sick sick. Cannot BELIEVE how my perfect five day holiday had been CRUSHED by stomach cramps and again, food poisoning symptoms. EXTREMELY sad face. The only thing we can link between mine and my Godmother’s symptoms is the calamari we had in Seafire the night before. My symptoms did not stop until the day before we went home, after I had seen the hotel doctor (who told me it was infectious, prescribed me some tablets to take all at the same time and then told me “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine” in a scary James Bond villain accent… EEP!), and I had to catch 2 hours of sun rays before going home on Wednesday.

So now, I’ve bought my sunbed vouchers and I will get my winter tan! God damnit!

One thing I noticed when I was there – the cost. Everything is just so expensive. I bought boyfriend a huge stingray cuddly toy and it cost 249dhms, which works out to £50. On a cuddly toy! Psssh!!

I realised a huge thing when I was out there though. How much boyfriend means to me. He’s out climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at the moment. Yus, I know what holiday I would’ve preferred too! But we’ve been through a lot this year and I don’t think I could’ve done what I’ve done without him. He simply has supported me too much this year and I’ve taken it a little bit for granted. So when he gets back, I have to let him know how much he means to me a lot more 🙂


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