"I’m tired. I just ate a really big sandwich."

From now on, blog post titles will be completely random. The above title is from an email I sent a friend, whilst I was at work the other day.

Work feels a lot like going to school at the moment. Nervous everyday at what lies ahead. I’m really enjoying my teaching at the weekend, I have some amazing kids. I’m actually enjoying the younger classes a lot more now; I never used to. Now, some of my older kids have started answering back, which isn’t fun and my patience is starting to wear on them, which they ain’t gonna like soon! I’m going to get some one-to-one swimming lessons for the weekend. They are more money for less work!

I think I’ve started to realise I don’t really know what I want to do when I grow up. At 23 and a half, I am stuck in limbo. I wanted to do something in marketing, because of my degrees, but that’s not really working out for me. I do not want to be a receptionist forever, I definitely know that. I enjoy swimming teaching, but that would be the end of the chain, in terms of moving up the ladder. You reach swimming teaching and can’t really go any further or get a raise. I just don’t know where to go or what to do. I’d speak to my Dad about this, so maybe at the weekend I should visit him and try and pan my head out!

Boyfriend has finished climbing Kilimanjaro! Hooray! Received a phone call from him. Well, an answer phone message. Very proud! He’ll be back home tomorrow and I’m very excited! It’s amazing how much you miss someone when you spend all your time with them. When they’re not there, or not contactable, it makes you feel incredibly alone. I’ve started getting really snappy at everyone, because of my withdrawal symptoms. Emotions have been a little crazy, but there we go.

God, if you haven’t been looking at my profiles on various sites, you wouldn’t know that my Mum has bought 2 boxer puppies, called Cooper and Lexi, named after Mum’s cars (Mini Cooper and Lexus)! They are the best things ever! We have actually had visitors to come and see the dogs. Everyone who’s seen them say that’s it’s a good thing for Mum. Everyone’s so happy that she’s kinda got a little project going on. What we’re not happy about is that they were advertised as paper trained which means, from having stayed at Mum’s all weekend, that they do their business on the paper when they feel like it and piss and crap everywhere else the rest of the time! Cooper is a very thoughtful puppy. He’ll just sit there and absorb everything that everyone is doing. Lexi, however, is a little attention seeker! She loves being picked up, which is fine as a boxer puppy, but not when she gets bigger! She’s very affectionate and scared of the doorstop. They are both very different puppies. Everyone loves Cooper: he’s the standard looking boxer, whereas Lexi has a pointy face. But they’re so cool šŸ™‚

I’m alright at the moment. Just lost into what I want to do for the rest of my life. =S


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