"I can’t feel my toes…"

Wow. So I was just speaking to someone, who has to go to court soon. He was hug-a-mugged. Sounds funny, eh? Apparently, it’s when people are out and acting all drunk and hug you – and he got his phone nicked! What the hell is this world coming to?! People devising up new ways of mugging you for your phone! It’s such a crazy thing!

When I was walking to work this morning, I had a whole crazy “I love my life” moment, even though it’s pretty freezing today. I walked past the builder who always stands on the same corner and will always say “good morning” to me, even if I am looking like crap and not looking the happiest bunny in the world.. That’s happy point number 1.

I went into my Starbucks I always do and they are always nice and friendly in there. They know exactly what I have and are always chatty. Happy point number 2.

I always get really happy and patriotic when walking over Tower Bridge. I’m just all like, “Yes, I’m British and this is a London landmark that I get to walk over everyday”. So was feeling pretty bloody ecstatic by then!

Said hello to Mark. Another cheery soul! Just yay!

And then I got to the office.


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