"This is Tower Bridge. It’s actually a bridge!"

The title of today’s post comes from a tourist I overheard when I was walking home from work. That’s right. It’s actually a bridge!

I had the weirdest moment this weekend. I have been pretty down about the Dad stuff again. It just keeps coming back! I was driving to job number 2 on Saturday morning and I felt Dad in the car with me, like he was sitting in the passenger seat. I haven’t ever really felt that. You know as you’re dozing on a train and someone sits down and you know that person is sitting diagonally right to you or over the walkway from you? It kinda felt like that.

I’m not really religious. I have belief in angels because I read this book when I was about 13 or 14 that my Mum lent to me about people’s experiences with angels and weird goings on, believing it was someone who has passed and I became completely fascinated. I have Angel Bibles, Angel books… No figurines though – that’s just weird! Since then, I have believed that everyone has their guardian angel, even if they have never known a person to die. I believed for a very long time that our first dog was my guardian angel, but when I grew up and didn’t really need her anymore, she went to guide someone else.

I honestly think my Dad was there, looking out for me when I was driving on Saturday, but I don’t know why. It is one of my fondest memories of Dad, showing me the way to that job whilst I was driving. Just him and I, out on the road, driving around a chaotic high street – and then, he attempted to teach me how to reverse park at work’s car park! Didn’t go too well!

I thought I’d write it to try and make sense of it a bit more. I suppose some things you just can’t explain – and life after death is definitely one of them!


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