What I got up to over the weekend…

Not a random title, just exactly what it says on the tin.

If you were living sin internet and smart phone, or you aren’t a member of social networking sites, you wouldn’t know that I went to Plymouth over the weekend. I get so uber excited when I go back there. It reminds me of a time full of freedom, clubbing and getting so drunk that you throw up all over your boyfriend. True story.

So I left work at 5.30 on Friday, after a pretty productive week and walked to London Bridge station, stopping by some random shop to buy me a bottle of wine for the train journey. I jumped on the tube (note: NEVER catch a London Bridge tube when you have a huge suitcase on your back on a Friday evening. Scrap that, never GO to London Bridge on a Friday evening unless you obviously have to) and got to Paddington pretty swiftish. My mum, being my mum, texted me worriedly that the trains were all delayed at Paddington, so I got on the one earlier, which departed around the same time as the one I was meant to get on before it got delayed.

Chilled back and enjoyed the journey. It’s pretty scenic going down to Plymouth – at one point, you actually ride by the sea and it’s all lovely. But it was dark. So didn’t see anything. At around 8.30pm, after texting Sam and finding out she had started drinking, I popped open my wine and drank. I looked like such a pikey, but when I went to the buffet to ask for a cup (not THAT much of a pikey to drink directly from the bottle), I noticed people were drinking tins as well. Must be because it’s a Friday.

The original plan was to get changed on the train, but this was soon scraped when the wine was going down too well… Train arrived around 11pm. I’d told my friend, Nick, that I was getting into the station then, so he met me there, we had a hug and a chat and then I jumped into a taxi to Sam’s, to drop my suitcase off and get ready, after telling Nick he was coming out with us.

I think it was the quickest turn around ever. I literally dropped my bag on her sofa, told her to order a cab and changed in her living room. I had JUST finished applying my make up when the taxi turned up and we went straight to the club.

Because we were so hyper about the fact I was down in Plymouth, we bounced around on the dancefloor, bumped into Sam’s friend, Holly, and continued bouncing until our feet hurt and we slumped on some sofas in the corner of the club. We even met One Direction look-a-likes (nawt!) and when I told them this, they asked if I wanted to take their picture. Apparently, I turned around and said, “Nah, you’re alright” and walked off. How rude of me!!

At 3am, we decided we were hungry and went to Jake’s (local take out) for some cheesy chips. We must’ve sat in there for ages talking about random bits, because it was about 4.30am when we got home! Home and bed, I think… That bit’s a bit fuzzy for me.

The next day, we got up, went to grab some lunch, took a sunbed and went to Tesco’s for our night time drink. We felt pretty tired and agreed on a mid-afternoon nap. We got back to Sam’s at around 4ish, but Sam started getting a bit hyper! So, we watched TV and cracked open the drink at 5! We had a house party to go to, but that wasn’t until 8! So we started getting ready at around 6, because it was Halloween and we wanted to take our time, obviously!

It took us 3 attempts to get Sam’s cat whiskers right! And I also did Sam’s smokey eye make up and put army stripes across my (perfectly!) made up face, which was heart breaking! Just as well we started early!

We got to Liz’s at 8.30pm, after an eventful journey, when I was busting for the toilet and told Sam that I didn’t want to pop the cherry and she was like, “Don’t you mean break the seal??!” and we laughed so hard, because I was so ridiculously drunk. I was SMASHED. But I think it was because I was hyper too, everyone at the party (and the taxi driver) just thought I was blazed. Liz and her house mates had gone to so much trouble for their house party – it was really good. Ping pong eyeballs in the punch, nice little buffet. They had bought paper plates, cups and napkins that had red hand prints on them and every time someone new came in, I’d shout “LOOK, [insert name here]! Hand made CUPS!!” and everyone would groan, like I was the embarrassing auntie at a wedding.

A lot of my old swimming pool mates were there and it was so good to catch up! Then, Ben said, as he does every time we meet up, “LET’S PLAY A DRINKING GAME!” and we ended up playing Bunnies, which was our favourite drinking game when we used to go out. Sam and I get super competitive with it, and I think all the people who didn’t know us completely wanted to know us then! Ben told Sam and I that his wife had told him not to get too drunk as we’re a bad influence and I’d come up with our joint name. Fram. This was used A LOT over the evening.

Then we decided to go out. This was at 11pm again! Sam had to go and see a friend to wish her a happy birthday, so Sam, Ben and I went to Union Rooms (aka Onions) to wish her a happy birthday. We stood there for half an hour and didn’t bother getting a drink, and Ben and I decided to go and get in queue for Revolutions (only next door!). So we left Sam to her friend and wandered off. We were waiting in the queue for a few minutes, when Tom Roberts (he’s pretty much my Plymouth brother!) told us to go to Walkabout. So we texted Sam (and Paul, because we were meeting him out) and wandered into the queue for Walkabout. As soon as we got to the front, the bouncer asked us for ID and Ben turned to me and said, “Oh, I knew this would happen.” Turns out Ben had sent all his ID off, marriage certificate and all! But he SHOULDN’T have got ID’ed anyways, because he’s 26!! GRR! So I called Sam and Paul, and we waited for them.

When Paul showed up with his younger brother, Jack, we ultimately decided to go back to Onions, because Ben had got in there already, so we could go and drink! Hooray!! AND Jack works at Onions, so cheaper drinks!! Double Hoorays!! So we danced and danced and took some stupid photos – LOTS of stupid photos!! – and Laura turned up (someone ELSE I used to work with!) and we kept dancing and taking stupid photos, until Laura wanted to go to Oceana, so we were like, “YEAH, let’s go!” but Sam had lost her buzz 😦

We decided to go to Goodbody’s for a fat breakfast, which I didn’t eat (I’m on a diet, you know!) – but the boys had like, a steak breakfast each! And then, as we were leaving, we saw Tom Roberts and Liz in the queue for Goodbody’s! Annoying!!

Sam and I jumped into another cab, happy that we went out. Got in at about 3.30am again. Overall, I had THE BEST weekend. It’s good to go back to where you used to let your hair down and completely let loose for 2 nights. Already planning the next one… 🙂


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