rant Rant RAnt RANt RANT!!!!

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate those who would be students for ruining fees for everyone else. I thought yesterday was going to be a pretty peaceful protest, full of youths, trying to fight for their education. Some yobs come along and trash the whole place. The police didn’t even know what to do. It is yet unknown whether these young people were part of the protest or just some of the youths who are not interested in education and do not have jobs and thus, are living off our taxes anyway!

It makes me so mad how this is pretty important to some people and it has been ruined by the small minority of people who think this is what they should be doing. For those who it was serious for, I’m sorry it’s been ruined by these buffoons. And to the buffoons, well done for proving your point and ruining it for this generation and maybe even the next.

For me, university made me grow up, find some sort of confidence and, I like to think that I learned something there. Why should tax payers give them any of their hard earned if this is how they are going to behave? Like there isn’t a brain cell between them.

Ultimately, university is becoming popular because of the “everyone go to university, get a degree, get a job” frame of mind, but there’s not enough of those jobs (i.e. jobs that need a degree) for everyone. People who invest their time in further education, bachelor degrees, EVEN masters and doctrates are getting the lower end jobs because there aren’t enough of them. The ones who are winning? The builders, handymen, electricians, plumbers. Not feeding out of the pot of tax money (in which I have put into for 7 years myself!) and still able to find work. Just makes me so mad! This is why I think the trains are up the wall this week.

Secondly, we have just engaged in our two minutes silence, which happens nationwide. What’s angered me about this is that not everyone at work did it. I know I shouldn’t be angry. This is a place of business after all. But there are still people fighting all over the world – and I bet they found the time for their two minutes silence.

I remember at school, even when we were in reception and 5 years old, everyone had to take the silence. Granted, we didn’t know what it meant until we got older, but it’s still the principle. Everyone, be quiet and think about soldiers who have died for us and who are still on the forces dying for us. AND FOR TWO MINUTES! It’s not even for a stupidly long time! What will you have achieved in those two minutes that you would’ve been quiet for? NOT MUCH, I TELL YOU THAT NOW!

Wow, I’m angry today.


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