"This makes me a bad person, doesn’t it?"

Above is from a friend, questioning her own moral goodness. She is a good person really, else she wouldn’t be a friend 🙂

This week, I took Monday off and went Christmas shopping with my friend, Charlotte. We had a really good day – it was good to take the time and catch up and “Christmas shop”, which apparently in my head means buy one Christmas present and spend the rest of the money on myself.

Charlotte dropped me off at around 3pm and I knocked on the door, as boyfriend had taken the day off too. It was pretty dark in the house, so I rummaged for my keys. No keys.

I wandered over to my Mum’s house, as she has keys. Knocked on the door (no doorbell, else it might wake the puppies!). No answer. So I wandered back to mine, thinking that boyfriend had gone for a run or something and should be back soon.

Twenty minutes later, I was FREEZING. Boyfriend still wasn’t back from his run. My phone had run out of charge, so I couldn’t call anyone.

Then. Lightbulb. Kirsty at the pub has my Mum’s mobile number! Hooray!! So off I trotted to the pub and LUCKILY Kirsty was working, because she was meant to have the day off!

Called Mum who was car shopping with boyfriend and Uncle. I was instructed by my Mum to buy a drink, open a tab and they’d be there soon.

THREE HOURS LATER, they turned up. I’d had three vodkas by then and was well on my way to being tipsy.

Conclusion. Take your keys. Charge your phone. Don’t drink whilst you’re waiting for someone to turn up.

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