Twenty. Eleven.

Sorry, blog fans – I have neglected you for a few weeks!

Let me start by wishing everyone a happy bloody new year!! I hope it’s better than the last one for everyone!

So let’s take you through the past two and a half weeks.

Thursday 23rd December.
My last day at London company. Pretty sad face. It was weird, I didn’t think I’d be as sad as I was. There are some really cool people there and I miss some of them now. It’s weird how you grow attached to people you see for five days a week for seven months. I suppose it’s not at all that weird. I saw those people more than I saw boyfriend in those seven months. That’s right. It was bizarre but lovely; I’d never hugged those people in 7 months, but they all said goodbye and wanted to hug me. I got a card, full of “we’ll miss you” and “Keep in contact”, which was really lovely. Oh, and my leaving present was a Waterstone’s voucher with £175 on it! Bonus! Only downside is I found out (via social networking) that the company are all going on holiday to Las Vegas. HS. I hate you.

Friday 24th December.
Planned my week off, basically. It was nan’s birthday, so after pampering myself with getting my nails done and everything else, popped around to see her. Got pretty drunk on Christmas eve. We opened our presents in mum’s hallway at 3am, after a pretty heavy session in the pub. I woke up with one old Ugg on and one new Ugg on (gift from my brother).

25th until 27th December.
Christmas stuff. Too much turkey.

Nothing else really happened… and then…

Friday 31st December.
Was a COMPLETE nightmare. Boyfriend and I broke up. Reasons don’t matter. I was upset, boyfriend was upset. Not how I wanted to end a really shit year. I wanted to get drunk and forget about 2010, but I was subjected to bed, crying and watching “Along Came Polly”. Six hours after it all happened, I managed to fall asleep. We both woke up at 5am and decided we’re going to try and make it work. I am very happy about this, because I can’t really imagine what life would be like without him. End soppy moment.

Saturday 1st January.
Much make up applied to hide post-crying paleness. We talked more about it and came up with a plan.

Tuesday 4th January.
My new job started! What is it about a new job that makes you so bloody nervous?? It must appeal to you, or you wouldn’t sign the stupid contract anyway! What I love about my new job? Lay in and not much commuting. It takes me 40 minutes to get to work, 20 minutes to get home from work. OH, and I don’t have to work Saturdays anymore! Hooray! I hate new jobs because you always have to ask questions. I know I can’t walk into a job knowing EVERYTHING about it, but I feel so bad, always interrupting someone to ask questions. And in our office, there’s 3 people including me. And one of those people is currently working more teaching hours than administrative hours. So I’m bugging one person for about two thirds of my/her day. That, I don’t like so much. But the job itself is amazing so far.

Thursday 6th January.
I actually got to watch a swimming lesson taking place. Because one of my boss’ husband didn’t turn up with the car, I had to drive her 50 minutes so that she could teach a lesson. It was pretty awesome. After watching, I have more confidence that I can teach babies. I was pretty nervous about pushing a baby under the water, but they don’t cry or anything. In fact, they love it! It’s weird. My course is in a couple of weeks to learn all of this anyways.

Tomorrow, boyfriend and I are off to see Les Miserables in London. I bought it for boyfriend’s Christmas present and he bought me Blink 182 tickets. He doesn’t want to go to the concert – I actually have to find someone who wants to come with me, yikes! – but I’ve never seen Les Miserables before and he’s always banging on about it. We’re going to make it a huge day out, because we kept saying we were going to do stuff like that, but we never did, because I was working.

See? Really making an effort so that things work out. Fingers crossed, eh?

In terms of my resolutions?
– Diet’s going well – I’ve even been for 2 runs!
– I have been nicer to boyfriend despite NYE.
– I haven’t drank any alcohol since Christmas Eve. Yay me!
– Haven’t taken any photos, but I will tomorrow!
– Taking care of my face is proving more difficult than I thought. I just keep forgetting. Will try harder at this resolution.


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