Happy Birthday, Dad.

This week has been a bit of a mixed week over in my pretty little Essex head.

Monday, it was my Dad’s birthday. He would’ve been 53. All weekend I worked up towards it, being my Dad’s birthday. It wasn’t a horrible weekend – particularly after vanilla mojitos in that Mexican restaurant, yum! – but I slept restlessly and it was always playing on my mind.

I don’t think you’ll ever stop missing someone when they’ve gone. It got me to thinking of Dad’s joke that he didn’t know my birthday – it’s the 21st April, but he’d always play on the fact he thought it was the 23rd. Every year.

What didn’t help was that Monday is my day in the office on my own, so I had no other communication. I was pretty strong at work, buried my head into enrolments – even went for a fish pedicure at lunch and food shopping after work – but when I got home, I just felt incredibly deflated and cried my eyes out. Boyfriend has seen me like this a lot recently, and he knows how to deal with me – although most of the time, I just want to cry it out and cuddle until I fall asleep.

Tuesday was a bit of a nothing day. It was just very slow. Worse than my usual Mondays!

Yesterday, I started Weight Watchers. That’s right, fellow foodies. I tried Slimming World, but it sucked. Weight Watchers seems a whole lot more achievable, with the points system. EVERYTHING has a points thing on it and I can eat 32 points a day and, if I need them, I can use any of my 49 points a week! I’m glad I’m actively doing something about my weight. Dad wanted me to do something about it. I get the awesome genes from his side, so that every time I look at a chocolate bar for more than 10 seconds, I grow another ass cheek.

And then there’s today. I’m studying for my swimming course, which is going to be super intense and for a week. Ergh. And I’ve done all my coursework now, which was meant to be in last Friday, but I only received the folder on Thursday, so I was given an extension, although not really, as I defo had less time than everyone else!

So that’s my week. In a nut shell. I’m hoping I’ll get more interesting. No plans this weekend, just going to Devon where my course will be at. Oh, and I’m driving. Next week, it’ll be tonnes more exciting – next Friday, I’ll be in Exeter for my brother’s birthday and on the Saturday, I’m going down to Plymouth for one night only! Very exciting stuff! But for now, I won’t punish you to read any more about my dull week!


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