The Hardest Course I’ve Ever Been On!

So if (again) you aren’t a friend or follower on the main (ish) social networking sites, you’ll have no idea that I went on my Parent and Child swimming training course. This was a combined course with the STA and my company (so all instructors are standardised in practises).

Firstly, this was in Devon. Hooray! Chance to see brother on his birthday and to go to Plymouth to see my university family. Big hoorays!

I completely underestimated how hard this course was going to be. I have done so many swimming courses, swimming health and safety is like second nature. But physically, the course was draining.

I drove down to Devon, dropping brother off at uni on the way. I say “on the way” – I had to drive half an hour back the way we’d come. We were staying at this Christian retreat. I was convinced they’d convert (or at the very least, try to convert) me to Christianity. They didn’t. It smelt like an old person’s home and I had 4 beds in my room – but I was there on my own, thank goodness!

The first day rolled around (on Sunday, the day that God rested and saw all was good). We had to do a presentation on these two books. One was about a crazy Russian who let babies swim on their own with dolphins, which was a good read, but when trying to read it late at night, you had to re-read, just to check you weren’t making it up. Then, in the pool we went.

I quite literally feel like my skin has grown scales. We were in the pool for at least 8 hours a day. I have turned a whiter shade of pale and my hair feels like straw. It was so intense – we had to run through a 40 week programme in 6 days. Wowzer.

It was so crazy, I was sick on Wednesday and wasn’t allowed in the water. I was so tired, I cried because I was angry, which if you know me, is out of character. I only cry when I’m sad.

But, my friends, it didn’t end there. I went to Exeter to have a night out with brother on his birthday, which was great fun! Met all his housemates, got pleasantly drunk. I think I was buzzing that I didn’t have to go in the water the day after.

Then, I drove to Plymouth. Unfortunately, by this time, I was running on empty. We went for a night out and at about 11pm, I started to fade. I just sat in the night club – pale with dark circles around my eyes and crazy hair – watching my friends, dance the night away.

Guys, I have never felt so exhausted. You would think, “Ok, Fran, go to bed now. Take it easy at work.” HELL. NO.



I have to do TWENTY. Twenty assessed lessons. And over two weeks, so I can take my first set of lessons in the middle of February. I’ve had four so far this week, one today and five tomorrow. That’s right. Five in one day. Back to back, near enough. So that’s ten more next week. And this is all for about an hour teaching during term. BLAHH!!

Anyways. Must go and cram my lesson plan. I am too nervous about today’s session. Loveskis.


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