I’m a Loser. Hooray!!

I am semi-ashamed, but not ashamed at all really. I have been attending Weight Watchers for three weeks now. It’s kind of taboo, but not really. I know I have to lose weight and I’m actively doing something about it. Go me! It’s just a bit embarrassing to explain why you’re turning down a drink (not that I’m drinking all that much at the moment) or why you’re not eating that lemon meringue…

I couldn’t eat the lemon meringue and it’s haunting me 😦

ANYWAYS. The first week I went, I got weighed and I was so surprised at my weight. I thought I’d be like 20 stone (no – really!) but I wasn’t. I was pleasantly surprised that I was lighter than I thought. Fran 1, Weight Watchers 0.

Then I had the week from HELL in Devon, where I couldn’t actually control what I was eating, so I gave up on WW in my first week. That was sucky – even for me. And it resulted in my gaining 2.5lbs. Terribly sad face. Fran 1, WW 1.

SO IMAGINE my sheer amazement when I went to get weighed this week (bearing in mind it’s my first real week at WW) and I lost 3lb! So I’m half a pound lighter than what I started off at. HUGE hoorays!! Fran 2, WW 1. I feel that this will be an ongoing battle.

I’m booked to go on holiday at the end of April and again, for a weekend at the beginning of May. If I keep losing at 3lbs a week until I go on holiday, I will have lost 30lbs!! That’s like 2 stone!! And then, obviously, I’m going to eat bad on holiday, so I estimate a gain of about 5 or 6lbs. Unless I get sick there again.

(Note to self: must stay away from dodgey dipping sauce served with calamari.)

But if I lose 3lbs for the week that I’m back. That’s not a bad thing, right?? I’m so go team Fran right now 🙂

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