Valentines Day – what a load of ol’ crap!

I hate Valentines Day. It’s a fabrication by card companies and florists to sell more and make more money. I don’t need one day to tell everyone I love that I love them – they should know that I do and I should show it more often than one day a year quite frankly.

I think it’s more for when you’re younger anyways. I used to get a couple of Valentines cards through the door every year, which to be honest, is quite exciting when you’re a hormonal (and insecure!) teenager and you think someone actually fancies you.

I found out a few years later that my Mum actually sent them. Sad times.

HOWEVER. If something really quite romantic happened on Valentines Day, I think the girly side of me would somehow take over. Even if it was something really soppy, like a Valentines Day proposal or something. I am, afterall, only human.

I still think it’s a stupid day. Single people must feel AWFUL on Valentines Day. I’ve only been single a couple of times on Valentines Day, but it’s ok because I still received some cards through the post. Thanks, Mum.


3 thoughts on “Valentines Day – what a load of ol’ crap!

  1. I totally agree. Just an excuse to take more money off of people. How sweet of you mother though! How did you find out it was her? If you hadn't have found out it would have been even sweeter. But speaking of mothers, if Valentines day is a sham, then so is mothers and fathers day. We should always let our parents know we love them and not just save that for one day a year.
    As for us single people. When I was single in the past I never cared. But now it's just a reminder of the fact the last few Valentines days I was with the person I loved, and now I am not.

  2. Hi Rich. Very positive thinking!! Have a beer for me! Ha!

    Hi eyevindicate. I think my Mum told me when we were in the pub once! I kinda guessed when my brother had gone off to uni and she'd bought a load of Valentines cards to send to him and asked me to fill some in too! I don't really believe in the whole mothers/fathers day thing either. Just more companies out for grabbing our money! I think the world is becoming over-celebratory. Things like “Doughnut week” or “National Friend Day” are just INSANE. The world's going mad!

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