The Brits or The Brats?

I absolutely LOVE watching The Brits awards every single year. It’s been kind of a family tradition since I was little and it’s the one award show I stay at home to watch all the way through.

Honestly, I thought whoever organised the Brits this year did an Ok job. It wasn’t the best Brits I’ve ever seen. I thought Take That weren’t as good as they could’ve been. I thought Adele, Cee Lo Green, Rihanna (who was sick and STILL performed live – bless her!), Plan B and Tinie Tempah were awesome.

Arcade Fire, I’ve never heard of you so don’t take offence.

HOWEVER. James Corden trod on so many egg shells last night, at the end it was completely cringe worthy. I know he presented last year, but he did have Kylie Minogue and Matthew Horne with him, so it was more bouncing off of each other. The first half was completely scripted and kiss arsing. The second half was full of Bieber bashing, which I was a complete fan, but then he started swiping at the actual good artists we have in our generation. Will Young – ok, I know he was manufactured – but he has completely made a name for himself as a songwriter, singer and actor. Who the eff is James Corden to make such snide remarks about him??

Whoever invited Justin Bieber should be sacked.

Also, skynews dot com have pissed me off too. When one reads their article on the Brits, the photo gallery is covered in Cheryl Cole pictures. SHE DIDN’T EVEN WIN! SOME RANDOM ARTIST WHO NO ONE HAS HEARD OF BEAT HER, WHEN THERE WERE DEBATES ABOUT HER OR ELLIE GOULDING WINNING.


I will be trying to purchase tickets next year…


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