New Blog Space :)

I had been uming and ahing about changing the location of my blog for quite a while and I thought a lot of people I know are on WordPress, so why not give it a go?

It’s a lot more computer-y than blogspot, so I would recommend blogspot definitely for your first blog. Just fancied a change, I guess. And a lot of people who wanted to subscribe to my blog weren’t getting any email notifications from blogspot. Anyways, please feel free to subscribe and you will receive emails from my new blog posts. Fun, eh?

So I might as well write what I got up to this weekend, although what I did get up to was pretty boring… But here goes – first WordPress blog post, so stand by!

On Friday after work, I went to Pizza Choo Choo (read: Pizza Express) with my friend, Charlotte. We’re both on diets, so opted for the rather boring margharita pizza. Charlotte was more daring and had onions on her’s – talk about pushing the boat out! After lots of waiting on service (sad times), talking and watching Charlotte fall down by her car in fits of laughter (see video below), I received a text from my Mum inviting me out to the pub.

Now, because of my shocking weight loss, I’d made the mature decision to not drink this week, with the hope that I will lose about a stone this week (fingers crossed, eh?) so I decided to drive and, after four attempts at parking my car, we were in the pub. Mum, nursing a Barcardi and fat bottled Coke, and me with my Diet Coke from the tap.

Wow, the pub is boring when you’re not drinking.

Anyways, as I was designatedly driving, I dropped my Uncle Pat home and then drove my Mum home at around midnight. Jay was already asleep when I got home, so I curled up next to him and pretty much passed out from tiredness.

Saturday, I had an hour’s work to do at one of the pool’s near where I live. Basically, because beginners have started their new term at the swimming pool this week, I have to give a mini-induction as to where the changing rooms are, who the instructor is and fit the baby with a ‘happy nappy’. A ‘happy nappy’ is kinda a set of swim shorts that goes over the aqua nappy, but clings to baby’s legs and waist to make sure nothing nasty gets out of the pool – lurvely. I had to fit a six month baby with a large happy nappy. He had rolls like a bulldog puppy. Bless him. He was called Alexander. Why would you not shorten his name to Alex?

After that, I went around to my Mum’s and Jay got his hair cut, I got my hair coloured and cut and Mum got her hair coloured and cut. We have an amazing hairdresser, who I’ve known since she was a baby. She wasn’t cutting hair then. But she’s on maternity leave from Toni and Guy, so she comes around to our house and does our hair for us. She brought her baby, Ruby, yesterday – she’s one of my pupils when I teach on Wednesday afternoons 🙂

Last night, Jay and I attempted cooking one of the Weight Watchers recipes, thinking it would taste like cardboard. We were pleasantly surprised. Because it served four, I had a quarter and Jay had three quarters – but he had been for a super long run.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night – a lot of things were playing on my mind, so whereas Jay went to bed at 8.30, I went to bed at 1am. I am pretty tired today, so we’ve taken it easy. We were going to take Mum’s puppies out for a walk, but we couldn’t get in contact with her, so we went to Tesco’s instead and we’ve bought the ingredients for Paella tonight (WW version, of course!)

And that’s about all that happened this weekend. Now I’ve moved my blog over and Jay’s playing computer games. We’ll probs make paella soon and fall asleep. A nice, chilled weekend.


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