Psychic Eve

On Thursday, there is a psychic evening in the pub. I’m quite excited about it, to be completely honest. I have always had some sort of interest in spiritualism, be it teenage horoscopes or believing in guardian angels, so I’m going in with a completely open mind. And I’ve never had my fortune told, so it’d be quite interesting what the psychic has to say.

This woman – I assume she’s a woman, why is that? – does tarot card readings, crystal ball readings and palm readings. I like to call them the ‘basics’ – they’re the ones you see in films with gypsy ladies, revealing some sort of horrible future to the hero. But this psychic even does clairvoyance. I’m particularly frightened about clairvoyance, but slightly intrigued.

When an old school friend died in a freak car accident, four or five years ago now, Mum bought me a book on angels. It was a collection of true stories about feeling a presence from a loved one after their passing. I found it extremely comforting and have believed in angels ever since. I like the idea of someone or something looking out for me and protecting my every move and actually, I believe that my friend appeared to me in a dream once. His Mum went to see a clairvoyant and he was actually in the room – would you call it ‘coming through’ the clairvoyant? – passing on messages of comfort to his Mum and her friends. Apparently, it was really powerful stuff and things that only his Mum would know.

I’m frightened because now my Dad has died. I know he didn’t believe in this sort of stuff – it was more Mum and I who were studying about angels and the afterlife. But what if he did actually come through? What would he say? And it’s at the pub with all the locals he used to know, so what would he say to them? I know it’s probably guess work, but my Dad had a bit of an unusual name and weird sayings. But don’t we all?

I don’t know – I’m very keen on getting my fortune read and everything else. I’m not 100% sure if doing the clairvoyant thing is such a good idea. We’ll see, I might actually brave up by then!


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