Winner or loser?

So I figured that I’d do my weight loss post slightly differently this week, in that I’d review my week of eating and exercising, and see if it matches the results of, hopefully, a loss this evening. At the moment, the scales at WW group are not my friend, due to the lowly half lb I lost last week. It’s currently 2-2 in this ongoing battle. Yes, I am counting the half lb as a WW win, because it’s no where near enough! Seriously, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not even a speck.

This week, I have been surprisingly awesome at eating the right foods. I have pretty much lived on eggs on toast, which is a mere 4 points out of my daily total of 32. Over the weekend, Jay and I tried these different Weight Watchers recipes and were successful. They were yum!

NOTE: I say “we”, we all know I don’t cook. So well done, Jay 🙂

But that is all I ate at the weekend. I didn’t eat anything else, so I am severely under my daily allocated points. I didn’t even touch my weekly ones. I’m not really sure what this means, but if somehow I’ve put on weight, I will not be amused. Particularly as I kept reminding Jay that I had to eat more and every time I picked up a WW chocolate biscuit (worth 2 points, so I probably could have had 10 of these!), he told me I shouldn’t be eating it. I need to, it’s my daily allowance. End of.

I cut out the alcohol this week to see if this had an effect on my lame weight loss. If it does, I’m going to be slightly upset. A tear might fall. Particularly as it’s Jay’s sister’s birthday on Friday and I wouldn’t mind a couple of vodka somethings.

In terms of exercise, I jumped on a Power Plate on Monday, but had a different instructor who worked me hard. Honestly, I ache so much, I can feel the abs under my fat every time I reach to get something. My thighs hurt so much from the step ups he made me do. Guys, do not underestimate the Power Plate. It’s not just a wobbly plate where you do squats for a firmer bum. It hurts.

Then, yesterday, I swam just over half a mile in half an hour. Head up breast stroke because I’ve only just had my hair dyed and I didn’t want it to get completely ruined. I was well chuffed at how far I swam in that amount of time, especially for a technically incorrect stroke. Although I should be good at swimming, given my profession and everything, I am slightly rusty. No where near competitive swimming like I once was. I did hear that one of the kids I taught in Plymouth, a mouthy little girl (who sank all the time, would wait for me to pick her up so we could chat and then carried on) is now one of the top swimmers in Devon. Man, I’m good.

I digress. Anyways, I bought a £25 per month swim thing at the old swimming pool where I used to work. I could’ve got it for free, but motivation doesn’t work that way, does it? I have paid for it, therefore I have to swim at least 5 times this month for it to have been worth the money. That will should work with my way of thinking. I was meant to swim this morning before work, but the sheer pain of my aches told me to stay in bed for another hour. So I did. There’s always tomorrow morning!

Other bits of exercise? None. But I did look into local netball teams to join and I have asked someone if she wants to come Zumba dancing with me and she suggested yoga too, so we’re starting that next month when she’s back from her holiday. I’ve looked into exercise classes closer to work – now I’m not spending all my time commuting, I might as well spend it doing something productive. In case you couldn’t tell, it’s been a slow week at work.

Until this evening, guys! Wish me luck!


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