Cure for boredom?

Haha, look at the baby 🙂 If you search “bored” in Google images, all sorts of junk comes up.

Does anyone have a cure for boredom that I can steal from them? Basically, seeing as I’m in the office on my own for an average 95% of my working week (100% this week!), I’m finding myself increasingly bored. There are only so many things to blog about in one day and I can’t think of anything to blog about right now, so that’s out of the question.

I have played “bubble pop” on my phone for about 2 hours today. But mind numbing games get boring after a while. I have emailed people I have had to email, called my boyfriend stating the pure fact that I am bored… Seriously, times like this, I should have a puppy to bring to work. Or a tamagotchi…

Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Let’s jump back into the 90’s and buy a tamagotchi! I want an old school one though – in the egg shape, not one with infrared, so I can connect to my friends… I doubt any of my friends will have a tamagotchi! Particularly since we’re all 20 somethings and have better things to do with our lives…

Like this one, but with no infrared. And probably not as camp. HEY, BUT ONE OF THEM IS PLAYING THE DRUMS AND ANOTHER IS PLAYING THE GUITAR. No, I mustn’t buy two just to play with the infrared…

I remember they were such a huge phase at primary school. I had about five, I think my Mum had one, my brother had one… They got banned from school because they kept bleeping during lessons. Hey presto, I don’t have that problem here. Unless I’m on the phone.

“What’s that incessant beeping in the background?”

“Erm… Lorry, reversing?”

Sod it, I’m buying one! This will be awesome!

Remember Furbys?? I brought one of them to school once and I remember it going completely nuts in my school bag during an art lesson… Probably screaming “Stop throwing me around, you reckless buffoon” in its Furbish language. We had two of them as well. And you could teach it English, but you had a little Furby dictionary so you know what it would be saying… I had one the same colours as this little guy.

Any advance on Furby? Wait, I believe there is…

The Sony Aibo dog. They were AWESOME. Until Sony decided to stop making them because they weren’t selling. Seriously, when I found this out, I was desperate to have one, but they were on eBay for like, thousands and thousands of pounds. I wonder if they’re still working now? Or if they are still under guarantee? Probs not.

Anyways, I’m gonna settle for a tamagotchi until I can afford a real animal. And by “afford”, I mean both expense and time. Can’t leave a puppy on its own for eight hours a day – that’s just too cruel! Even if it’s a robot dog. Only joking, you can probably leave them on charge for a while…


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