Psychic Eve. A Review.

I’ve been in two minds about publishing this post. On one hand, the psychic was just for me, it was for my peace of mind and it fulfilled it purpose. On the other hand, I want to record exactly how I’m feeling at this point of time, a reflection on what was said. So I think I’ll outline the basics of my half hour reading with the psychic.

So despite the delay in getting there, which started at 6pm (I got there at 7.30pm because I had to work), I actually had a good time at psychic eve and I will probably do it again in a few years time. I put my name down on the list and waited for my turn. The wait was two hours. Four diet cokes later, I was sitting in front of a lady, surrounded by candles.

My psychic was a lady called Ann Gard. You google her and nothing comes up, which is quite spooky – who doesn’t come up on google?! But the leaflet says she’s been on telly and an internationally renowned psychic, medium and clairvoyant. There were three psychics to choose from and I chose her, because I liked her red tablecloth. And I think she was the better of the three anyway, after comparing other readings from people in the pub that night.

She started by saying “You’ve had a reading before, haven’t you?” I replied, “Erm, no, but good start…” She kept complaining that she was dying for a fag, but was going to have one after she’d read my tarot cards. She put a cassette into a dictophone and pressed record. I doubt I’ll be able to hear anything on my cassette, as it was around 10pm when I was being ‘read’ and people were obviously drunker and louder. Plus, who has a cassette player anyway?

As my other psychic blog post says, I went in with an open mind, but as the time crept closer, I was increasingly hoping that Dad was going to come through.

Anyways! From the beginning. Work was fine, she said I find it challenging at times, but I’m really good at my job. She knew that I trained people (i.e. training parents to teach their babies to swim), but she said if I wanted to change jobs that I will be successful at that too. Hooray on the work front.

Relationships. She knew I was with someone, a Leo. She said I could marry him if I want to, and it’ll be in three or four years and she saw me having children. She said he was honest, and there’s nothing really negative about him (cue: Jay’s head inflating…). She said that my Mum likes him, and that he wrote a diary, that I might be interested in. I am yet to find out about said diary.

Financial. She said that with my savings, I will buy a house this year and I will probably buy it together with Jay.

Other. She saw a lot of travel this year (Dubai, Rome and Plymouth so far), particularly Ireland (where we have discussed travelling to for my Uncle’s 50th on Monday, so there’s no way that anyone could possibly know that!) and maybe Australia (my Australian family might be coming over at Christmas). She said there are three main events this year: a wedding, a flat warming and a birthday party. She said I have to socialise more and not necessarily always with Jay and she said that August will be my best month. Well, duh – V Festival! She even knew that I blogged and said that people enjoy what I write!

She asked me if I had any concerns over anyone in particular. I said my Mum and my brother. So she started with my Mum. Bear in mind, this is the first time that she’d mentioned my Dad at this point… and she said that Dad is always around Mum and she knows it. She then flickered to something else and said, “I see red hair”. The pub is quite dark, so I pointed out that I had red hair at the moment. She turned to me and said “He really likes your hair”. This is weird, because he always hated my hair. With passion. Psychic then went on to say she could see a money box and Dad saying “save what you earn”. Sounds like Dad 🙂

So then, she moved onto my brother. Well, well, well. She said my brother was a huge flirt. Yes. And a womaniser. Probs. I won’t tell you what she said about his future in case he reads it and tries to alter it. But let’s just say it’s pretty good.

Honestly, I can understand how some of it might be coincidental. I really do. But. Some of the things that she said really couldn’t be guessed. For example, my blogging. I doubt anyone in the pub reads, or even knows, I blog as a hobby. She hardly looked at me, as I speculated that I may give too much away. She looked mostly at the cards, analysing what they say. It was extremely interesting and it has fed my fascination even more so.

I wonder how you realise you’re psychic? Do you hear voices? Apparently, you inherit tarot cards. “They choose you”. But what if you have no interest  in psychic stuff and you inherit these cards? My psychic said that she ‘sees’ things. She could ‘see’ my Mum, looking at a silhouette of my Dad through a window. I don’t know. I’m just even more intrigued with it now! And I’ll probably use the same lady again in a couple of years. I’ll just make sure she has a fag break first.

One thought on “Psychic Eve. A Review.

  1. I read your blog with interested, I have had at least 8 readings from Ann over a period of 12 years, I always visit her at home, I was cautious at first, about going to see her, I had been recommended by a friend who had a reading at a fete. I believe Ann is truly psychic , over the years she has been so accurate in the matters she has talked about, whether it be past, present or future
    Although her timing is not exactly accurate looking back I would say 70 percent of what she has told me has indeed come about
    It’s just a matter of time before the rest occurs !
    Very nice lady too
    Gillian F

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