Sick Day :(

It’s my first sick day of the year. When I ‘sick day’, I mean day off from being sick. I have upset stomach and sweats 😦 It completely and utterly sucks. I texted my bosses who seemed fine with it, I just hate wasting a day. I had stuff to do at work today too. Always the way, eh?

I am currently sitting on my sofa, wrapped in a blanket, watching Miami Ink.

There’s eight weeks until I go on holiday. My average weekly weight loss is 2.1lbs. So I should lose another 16.8lbs before holiday. ‘Should’ being the key word. I didn’t do too well with my diet this week, so I’ll be lucky if I lose the pathetic half a pound I lost a couple of weeks ago. The weekend was full of alcohol – well, wine – and I overly indulged. I didn’t eat badly and I even went swimming yesterday, with the intention to go swimming today. Aw, well, I have a Power Plate session tomorrow if I’m feeling awesomely better.

I’m thinking of coming up with some sort of reward if I do amazingly well with my weight loss, but I don’t know when I should reward myself and what with. There’s nothing I really and truly want – Tamagotchi’s in the post!

So plans for this week so far? Well, Power Plate tomorrow. WW on Wednesday. It’s Murdock’s 60th birthday on Thursday, so I’m going to the pub to see him – I’ll probably go after a swim. Friday, I have a meet up with an old work friend penciled in, which will be all the way up in London. I’ll have to wait for her to get back to me though.

The weekend is currently secretive, but I’m sure I’ll let loose on you guys exactly what I got up to in this coming weekend. Stay tuned, folks!


ARGH. Why on earth has Justin Bieber got a film out?? Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing in the world? He’s about five. And he needs a hair cut. I hope for the day this his voice breaks and his career is in tatters. I actually feel sorry for him. If you look at all these American kids who become mega-stars overnight, they all have break downs. Take a look at Britney. She shaved her hair off. I imagine teenagers would be just as devastated if Justin Bieber shaved his off. Seriously, they’d probably open up Help Lines like they did when Take That broke up in the 90’s. Yes, kids, I’m old enough to remember that.


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