Sick sick sick sick…

I’m not a moaner, but I’ve been sick for three days now. I am completely out of energy today. I woke up and felt dizzy. I am still experiencing hot and cold flushes. I physically feel exhausted.

I have a doctor’s appointment today at 5. I have to teach before hand at 3. I hope I don’t give the babies what I have.

My boss keeps telling me to go home until I feel better, but I’ve only been here 2 months and I don’t want to be taking the piss, to be honest.

I searched my symptoms online and it turns out I could be diabetic, have a brain aneurysm or have this thing called viral syndrome. I’m opting for the latter: it seems to be the symptoms before a virus fully exposes itself. My other boss thinks I shouldn’t have searched what it could be as a headache is usually diagnosed as a brain tumor online.

And where do I think I have this virus from? The swimming pool. Where I’ve been swimming half a mile twice last week. Water is a very good breeding ground for germs and bacteria and horrible stuff like illnesses. And I really really tried to push myself last week, so those horrible things preyed on the weak and tired.

I want to sleep. And it’s weigh in night tonight. I hope I’ve lost something. Well, I should do with the amount I’ve been bloody sweating and shivering. Not a happy bunny, no sir-ee.


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