Another Day, Another Power Cut.

Oh, that’s right, my friends. It’s exactly how one wishes to spend every Friday evening. On their own with no fucking power. Well done, nPower. There’s another fucking black out in my street. YOU SUCK.

I hate power cuts so much (see other power cut post). What makes it worse is that I am meant to pick Jay up from the station tonight, but he has no way of contacting me. Wanna know why? Without power, I can’t charge my phone and the landline doesn’t work. Because, kids, my wireless phones need power. To charge. GAH.

Oh, and my new bed sheet is sitting in the washing machine, in its own water. And I don’t know how much charge my laptop has, seeing as that was charging too. Seriously, it makes me want to cry. It’s so dark in my house, it’s horrible. Jay will panic when he can’t get hold of me as well.

It’s just as well I’ve already eaten, particularly after the last power cut, which lasted 10 hours. I made WW chicken noodle soup. It was laaaavlyyy. But a bit salty. I didn’t put any salt in it, so it must’ve already been salty ingredients. I took a picture, because as you’re probably aware, I’m a shockingly bad cook. But it doesn’t look too bad. I mean, it looks edible in that the chicken hasn’t got a beak or moving around and the stock was fully dissolved.

It’s not as if I had too much to do tonight, anyway. A lot of it was sleeping. But I wanted to properly relax, watch some TV. I have work tomorrow at 8.30am and I wanted to properly veg out before then. I am so mad at electricity right now. Unbelievably mad.


It’s been 20 minutes since power cut. No sign of power coming back on. Over the road, they have no lights. I can hear my neighbour moving around next door. I wouldn’t mind so much, but after last time, we bought candles for moments like this, but Jay has put them in some sort of parallel fucking universe of God knows where so I’m sitting here in my living room with nothing but the glow of my Mac.

I can’t even see what Alfred’s doing. He might’ve shat himself, but I can’t see the buttons to click on the toilet to flush it away. He could be hungry, but I can’t see the chef hat to feed him. He might want to go and play a little violin concert with his friends, but alas, I couldn’t tell you.

FUCK’S SAKE, POWER. Honest to God, if this power cut lasts for ten hours, I’m going to complain to someone. I pay everything on time, no matter how fucking expensive it is, and we still have power cuts with outstanding frequency. I don’t understand why it happens. Why do we have power cuts? Power has one job. Well, several jobs. But basically, to make everything work. To give us light. For entertainment values. For communication. For fucking heating.

I bet it’s the neighbours over the road. They’ve had huge lorries outside their house for a couple of days now. I bet they’ve fucking disconnected the power. I’m so cold. Seriously, this is such a joke.


30 minutes. That seems as if I haven’t wrote a lot since 20 minutes, but I did some re-writing and editing of this post.

OH, COME ON! I’m cold, I’m tired and I just want to veg out in front of the TV. Apparently, that is too much to ask for in my prehistoric road. They should feed the fucking hamsters who run on the wheel to keep it going.

In case you didn’t read my last post about power cuts, I am still afraid of the dark. Not petrified, but scared. I don’t like being in the house on my own without someone (who I know) there with me. I can’t sleep on my own in the dark, I need someone in the house around too. It’s terrible, but I’ve been like it for a very long time. And this definitely increases my stress levels.

I keep hearing weird noises from outside, but I don’t want to go to my window and look, in case there’s someone there. Is that pathetic or what? Just want the power back on please. I’ll probably go to bed when it’s back on anyways, but I just want it back on now.

I can see some light outside… It’s their stupid fucking rental lorry. Cannot believe how ridiculous this is. And now Mac is telling me I have low battery. Goodbye, cruel world…


On a positive note, I did just work out it’s 7 weeks til holiday. If I make it that long. The lights have gone from outside now, so the lorry’s gone. Can’t wait to get away from the cold that is objectified by England as a country. I’m actually going to go on a sun bed tomorrow after lifeguarding. Try and get rid of my ezcema before holiday. That’s the one thing I’ve found with sun beds, peeps. It heals ezcema really well. I’ve tried all the potions and lotions under the sun (or rain, if you’re in England), but sun beds really help.

I cannot see anything in my living room. It is completely black now. It’s been 45 minutes now. I am getting really cold ā€“ I’m considering just laying in my bed under my duvet until the power comes back on, but I don’t know when that will be. How the hell am I going to tell Jay that there’s a power cut?? Fucking telepathically??

Seriously had enough now. It’s horrible that there’s nothing I can do except wait until the power comes back on. It makes me completely useless. Well, I definitely am during power cuts anyways. I’m more damsel in distress, not knight in shining armour.


FUCK, I thought I just saw someone in the house then… Made me jump. Had to tilt my Mac to make sure no one was there. This is horrible šŸ˜¦ Want Jay to come home now. Going to manoeuvre myself up the stairs and into bed now, under my blanket…

In bed now. Looked out the window and looks like the whole road is out. Tried turning my bedroom light on ā€“ duh! Bed is not as warm as I’d hoped. Might as well just sleep until the power comes back on. OH NO! I’ve left Alfred downstairs!! Oh Goooooood!


Nearly an hour now. This is going to be a ten hour beaut, I can feel it. It would be pretty amazing if the power came back on, just I was on my last minute of laptop battery. Am I that lucky? No, never. But I have one hour eleven minutes of battery remaining (I know, the laptop lied when it said it had no battery left), so I suppose I can ramble about all sorts of things.

OH MY GOD, IT’S BACK ON!!!! The scariest thing when the power comes back on? My answer phone is the first thing to speak. Oh, and Alfred had shat himself and wanted to go and play in his band in the park.

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