This week.

This week has been a complete write off. I wish it wasn’t. Stupid illness. The doctor said it was probably a virus, so she hasn’t given me a big ass pill that I wanted to make me better. She has advised me to drink lots of fluids and rest a lot. The slow and boring way to get better.

I hate being home all day when I know I’m meant to be at work. I slept in til about 11 (see, doctor? Plenty of rest!) but I had a productive day yesterday, pottering about the house. I mounted my CD wall tiles (see picture), I had a go at nPower, I did some washing… I even unloaded the dishwasher in the hope that we’d load the dishwasher last night with our dirty plates. We didn’t.

And I just remembered I didn’t put the rubbish out for the rubbish men this morning. Rubbish.

I ordered new bed sheets as well. I’m becoming very housewifey. I’m trying to get our house in order in my own little way, kinda making it homely-er. Honestly, I could spend a fortune in Next home furnishings and I’m dying to go to Ikea. It’s terrible.

I’ve ordered pictures of me and Jay to be printed for the photo frame that I’ve bought. We have no photos in the house at the moment. We have a canvas of my old dogs as puppies, which was another of my projects – that will also be finished.

I’m going on a mission! I’m going to ask my cousin to come and finish of some of the (patchy) painting around my house. Jay and I weren’t really cut out to be painters. I need an electrician to sort out some of our light fixings. I need to get someone else to install a Sky eye thing onto the TV in our bedroom. Things that have just been hanging for too long really. Especially because we’ve been there for about a year and a half now.

I don’t really know what’s brought this all on. I think if Dad was still here, he’d be going mad that we hadn’t sorted more of it out than what we have done.

Alfred was surprisingly good yesterday. He must’ve known I was ill. He’s in his own little violin trio thing now, as the music band version of the Tamagotchi goes… I don’t know what it means, but he’s never hungry or unhappy, so I’m a good Tamagotchi player!

I’ve been at work today and I’ve had a really productive day here too. I’ve laminated all these NOPs and EAPs (lifeguards, you know what I’m talking about!) for all of our pools that we use. That’s the huge disadvantage about working with pools. Everything has to be laminated. I suppose it beats all the bloody shredding I had to do as a receptionist. And I see instant results, which is fairly rewarding. The rest of the time, it’s just waiting for emails to come in. There haven’t been any emails for about an hour now.

Oh, I took on an enrolment today as well. It’s probably the last of the term, because we’re on week three next week, so they’ve missed the vital bits in weeks one and two. So the next term is in May and it’s nearly time to start marketing out of my ears for that. I can’t believe how quickly this year seems to be going. Mind you, we are only just on the third month of the year, so it’s not going all that quickly. It’s not as if it’s August already or anything.

Speaking of August. Really ecstatically happy with the V Festival line up this year. We always get our tickets as Early Bird tickets, so I’ve not been on hold all day to try and get some. Down side? Not camping. But I think it’ll be okay. The weekend is kind of what you make of it. And we’ll probably just go back to our’s, have a shower and a good night’s sleep (and a few drinks!) and it’ll be really good. A grown up version of V Festival, perhaps.

Gutted that Rihanna is headlining as I have already bought tickets to see her in October. But I will be taking my Mum and it’ll be better than the hour set that she’ll have at V Festival. Concerts are better than festivals. I think so, anyways. But I will never give up my V Festival weekend!

Well, it’s not August. It’s March. So this weekend, what am I doing? I’m lifeguarding some baby swimming lessons on Saturday. I don’t know what I’m doing Saturday night now. My almighty plan for Sunday has now been ruined, due to being ill and not being prepared for what I was doing. I’m a bit gutted about that, but what can you do?

I know I won’t be going swimming. Stupid swimming pool, giving me a virus.

That’s all, folks!


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