A Tamagotchi’s for life, not just for boring weekdays…

Alfred started pissing me off this weekend. I think it’s the illness, making me cranky. But he goes to bed later than I do at the moment, and he gets angry if I don’t turn the light off. I should’ve thought the Tamagotchi idea through, I think. I even had to bring him to the pub (don’t worry, fans – only for a few diet cokes!) where he moaned even more. sigh

I am going on a sunbed today. I didn’t go on one over the weekend in the end. It’s not as if I did, well, anything this weekend but after Mum coming back from Tenerife really brown and then comparing my pale skin tone to Jay’s, I really really need some colour. I have really bad skin at the moment, due to being run down and stuff, so maybe the sun bed will make my face better too. I need to get some tanning lotion too, as my skin is still oh so dry from the course at the end of January! Seriously, I have scales at the moment.

On a positive note, it is incredibly sunny today – so sunny in fact that I had to wear my Aviators and looked all cool, driving in the Polito. But now, I’m inside at work, so no sun on my face today!

Not long til holiday. Can’t wait.


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