I’m feeling pretty motivated this week. I think it’s all due to the half a stone lost – yes, I’m still celebrating. I don’t know where this half a stone has apparently gone. My clothes still fit the same and everything else, so my conclusion is that it has come off my face. My face weighed half a stone more than it does now.

When I recorded my weight on my online WW, they have lowered my daily points by one, which is fine, because I wasn’t eating all my points before anyways! I have completely planned out my days for eating so I’m not going over my points (although there is room to, if I wanted, but I don’t – I will lose a full stone before holiday!). I’ve even worked in my alcohol for this evening. I am officially awesome.

I suppose this motivation has appeared out of actually seeing results – not in the fitting of my clothes, but on the scales. SW didn’t show me any kind of result. Well, only the 4lbs lost the week of the accident and my diet consisted mostly of chocolate and fish and chips. I actually got slimmer of the week that week. Oh, the irony.

Stay tuned, folks. Skinny minny on the way!


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