Too many hangovers…

Well, diet followers, you’ll be (not angry but) disappointed to read that I failed my diet this week. Well, not week. More weekend.

St. Patrick’s Day, I got more than a bit merry and suffered an intolerable hangover all day on Friday.

Friday night, I ate nachos with plenty of (low fat) cheese and (low fat) sour cream to try and soothe hangover.

Saturday, although feeling a little ropey, I decided not to drink at all that much… but was still drinking voddy diets whilst watching the rugby. Then I moved onto the wine at dinner, which I really shouldn’t have done, but it did complement my lemon crème brulee… And then back on the voddys. It resulted in me, dancing like a loon until 11pm, where I felt distinctly unwell… Vikki and I walked home as the boys stayed out drinking until 3am.

Sunday, after driving home (probably shouldn’t have…), I went for lunch with Charlotte. After wrapping my fingers around a chicken burger, felt the grossness that is nausea and ran to the toilet. Not once. Twice.

Do I feel bad for letting my diet slip this much? Not really. I had a really good weekend with Jay and friends. And the reason why I felt so bad at the time is because I am 9lbs lighter and I don’t drink nearly as much as I used to!

I’m back onto diet today, but had a bad night’s sleep, so won’t be swimming to burn off the calories. I must start training soon!

So far at work today, I have painted my finger nails, emailed all the weekend emailers and looked at quotes to get my light switches fixed. I’m in the office today, waiting for IKEA office furniture to be delivered, which is any time between 10am and 2pm. Ergh! Haven’t had breakfast yet – not really felt like I’ve needed any food – but will go for an early lunch and make sure I eat my points.

If I’ve lost weight this week, it’ll be some kinda miracle.


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