Online Bingo.

So here I am at work, in the office on my own again. I’m still meant to be leafleting, but today, I am waiting for Ikea to deliver our office furniture into our new office and my other boss (the one who hasn’t had a baby four days ago!), well, her son’s got chicken pox and she can’t find a sitter.

There’s only so much one can do when it’s not nearly enrolment week and that’s stock take, or as soon as anyone calls, make sure they get onto the waiting list for the next course. I have done all of these. And I’ve answered all the emails possible and there wasn’t a single message on the answering machine this morning.

I started playing Online Bingo about a week ago now, just to pass the time. Seriously, if I’m bored, what’s wrong with trying to win a little bit of money? I deposited £20 and now I’ve used that all up, I’ve promised myself that I won’t deposit another £20 until next pay day. I won £31.95 and I’ve put that straight into my account. So I’m officially £11.95 up. Woop!

You wouldn’t have thought it to be so mesmorising. In fact, it’s not really – it’s just a bunch of numbered balls flashing up on the screen. But oh my goodness, is it addictive!

I currently have bingo on in the background at work, and it’s been on for about two hours now. I have been at work for three and a half hours. I’m on the game where you play for free, but you can win up to £15.00. I haven’t won anything yet, but I’m hopeful! I paid off £20.00 of my credit card bill today. If I win £15.00, I’ll only be £5 out of pocket!

I’m one of those people who never win anything as well. I have played the Lottery for about two years now and I have only ever won £2. The fact that I’m over a 10er up has spurred me on.

Definitely have an addictive streak in my personality…


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