Swimming the Channel #1

Well, the pool can cater in order for me to swim the width of the channel over seven days, so today is officially day one of knowing that in 133 days, I’m going to be starting a huge challenge in memory of my Dad. If you haven’t had the chance to sponsor me (why the hell not?!), please visit my sponsorship page at http://www.justgiving.com/Frances-Barrett  — and it goes without say that every little counts, seeing as cancer still affects a huge percentage of people, and you never know what that pound you donated will develop into.

I’m weirdly excited, I don’t think it’s quite sunk in what I’m actually doing yet. Twenty one miles over seven days. That’s three miles a day. So far, I have two steps to achieve for this week:

  1. Buy a new swimming costume to replace stolen one.
  2. Tomorrow, swim a mile and time how fast it is. A mile an hour is literally a length per just under a minute. I think hope I can swim a little faster than that.

The rest of the week is a write off, due to plans I have already made and can’t break. It does suck, but I will try to fit in at least another mile swim this week. I’m going to ensure the training is gradual. I haven’t distance swam in a very, very long time and I don’t want to strain myself too much. Plus, I have got a fair amount of time to train in, so there’s no rush. I suppose next week, I’ll be increasing the amount of swims per week.

Anyways, I’ll keep writing up here about this huge challenge. Hopefully, this will help me lose my weight as well 🙂


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