Hair and Girly things

Today, I am in an awesome mood. The sun is not shining as much as it has been, I’m in the office on my own (again!) but I am in a really good mood πŸ™‚ I wonder if that will change after WW tonight??

Charlotte had her hair cut last night and I really, really like it. It looks like Kerry Katona’s hair – I know what you’re thinking. Kerry Katona is not nice. But look at her hair in this photo:

That is, when you stop looking at her boobs, you perv!

That’s the thing with short hair – it won’t grow into this over night 😦 It’s okay, I’m growing it and eventually, I’ll get bored of growing it and cut it short again… Or just buy extensions, whichever’s quicker, really…

I’m thinking of changing my hair colour. I think I’ve outlived the red in my hair – it’s started to fade really quickly. So I am thinking – and prepare yourselves, guys – of going ash blonde. It looks sorta grey, but more blonde. Make sense?

Do you need a picture? Look at this loveliness:

Granted, I do not have this lovely lady’s cheekbones, but my hair style is very much like this one, so if I get it all choppy, then maybe it’ll look pretty πŸ™‚

P.S. HUGE EARRINGS?! She can keep those…

Things that I’m worried about if I change my hair colour to this.

  1. Looking more grey than blonde. I don’t want to look too old before my time 😦 I am, afterall, 23 and 11 months. That’s right, I’m holding onto being 23 for as long as I can.
  2. It fading my skin tone out 😦 I was blonde before and I had to use MUCH bronzer in order to pull it off. And that was a yellow kinda blonde!
  3. My hair turning green when I’m teaching babies to swim. It’s one of those myths, but you still wonder, “Will it happen to me?!”
  4. My eyebrows being too dark. I think I’m going to have to definitely dye them. I don’t know why they’re so black, I don’t have black hair.
  5. It just not suiting me at all. I know it’s only hair and you can dye it back, but still. For those few hours when your hair is not the perfect colour, it sucks.
  6. Roots growing too fast for me to keep up with payments. Although it doesn’t seem to, my hair grows really quickly. I think it’s because it’s short, you notice it more.

Although very emo, I like this look too, but again for long hair:

See how she has roots and it still suits her?!? Mind you, she does look very pale. Means I’ll have to sleep in a coffin and keep away from garlic or holy water. But still! In the name of hair and looking good, I will do such things! Her hair looks in a really dry way, so lots of conditioner to be ordered! I also like her eye make up. Maybe I was meant to be emo?! In fact, looking at all these photos after typing into Google “blonde hair”, I think I’m going to have to change from bronzer to blusher – all these blondies have pink cheeks, not orange brown!

Nicola, my old friend and hairdresser, is coming to do the family’s hair on Saturday. Maybe I’ll consult with her then. She might come out with “OH GOD, NOOOOO!” and run away screaming, or she might be able to actually do it and make me look good. Who knows?!

ANYWAYS. This post is more than just hair. See? “… and Girly things”. I am honestly looking at changing my whole style, but I understand that I should probably do this after I’ve lost all that weight. I’m just wondering what it should be, really. At the moment, I am the girl in the black leggings. Leggings all the time. Leggings. Leggings. LEGGINGS!! They are honestly just really comfortable as I have no idea which of my old jeans fit me and which don’t – and I don’t want to find out! But maybe, I don’t want to be comfortable anymore! MAYBE I just want to look good. All the time. That’s not so much to ask, right?…

The thing is I don’t even know where to start. I am not the most fashionable of people. In fact, I turned up to my Mum’s house the other day and she nearly fainted when she saw me looking almost ‘in fashion’. I need Gok Wan to be my stylist forever. But that is definitely a life sentence. Poor bloke would be stuttering by the time he got through my wardrobe.

Also, changing my style is not cheap. Maybe I should wait for a few months and see how much money I have from my Β£70 a week budget. It shan’t be hundreds, I’m telling you now. But perhaps I’ll be a hundred lbs lighter by then anyways, and it will (thus and therefore) be time for me to buy a new wardrobe and change my style. I can justify anything.


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