Weight Loss!

I know I haven’t blogged about weight loss specifically in such a while, but today I have reason to celebrate. I lost 2.5lb at my weigh in this week! Woop! I have no idea how it happened!

Reasons why it shouldn’t have been a (large-ish) weight loss:

  1. Drinking on Friday night, and excessive drinking on Saturday and Sunday. Two more whole extra days of drinking than usual!!
  2. Eating Mexican food, covered in cheese and ham, egg and chips.
  3. Not training as much as I should be!

It just doesn’t make any sense how I have lost so much this week compared to my over-indulging last week! I am so near my stone down, it’s untrue! Exceedingly happy!

So this week, to try and lose a little bit more weight before holiday, (bear in mind this is 6 days away…) I am taking the following steps:

  1. I have temporarily given up alcohol again and I am the designated driver on Friday night, to celebrate Charlotte’s new job. And I will obviously dance off some calories.
  2. I am going for either a run or an epic walk with Mum and the dogs this evening after work.
  3. I will go for a swim this weekend and the beginning of next week for at least an hour and a half. Hey, have you sponsored me yet?
  4. I will drink more water. You know, to flush out the nasties.
  5. I will choose snacks with lower point values to please my sweet tooth.

Although I won’t be able to go to WW on Wednesday, due to being at the airport and that, I will find some scales and weigh myself, just to keep me on track for holiday. And then, try and keep to my diet and training ‘regime’ as much as humanly possible when you’re on holiday and just want to relax.



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