Holiday, bank holiday, work, holiday, work, holiday…

You may have noticed that all social networking accounts have been a little quieter than usual. This is due to my going on holiday for a week! Yay!

We went to Dubai for 5 days, 6 nights and stayed at the Atlantis hotel. Mum and I had stayed there before but this time, Jay and George came too – Jay only stayed for 3 days, but I think he enjoyed himself. Mum and I had an alright in October last year, other than my run in with food poisoning from the dodgey sauce in a steak house. No illnesses this hol, thank God!

The service was a bit shoddy. We landed in Dubai at around 8am, expecting to jump in a prebooked taxi. We waited for 40 minutes. And people who had booked with the same company jumped in front of us. So angry times.
It took us about 20 minutes to get from airport to hotel, which wasn’t too bad. George and Mum’s room wasn’t made up, so we chilled in mine and Jay’s for a bit and then went to get some lunch. Their room was ready a few hours later, so we all went up for a bit of a power nap. Jay and I waited for hours for our suitcases to be brought to our room. More angry times.

Then we got on the cocktails and went to Nob U for my birthday food.

Not much else to complain about, but I am disgustingly tanned and continuing to go on sunbeds until I look like a goddess!

Went back to work for a day when I got back and then drove to Jay’s parents in order to watch the wedding. I wasn’t overly fussed about it beforehand, but I was GLUED when it was on the telly! Her DRESS! I think I officially want to get married at Westminster Abbey. I think I’ll need to get my own people first…

Drank a lot of vodka and champagne and wine – even went out in Sudbury and had a below-standard KFC called Chicken George – but didn’t get drunk and didn’t have a hangover today. Hooray!
Today, we’re just chilling and going out for dinner tonight (WW is a bit appalling at the moment, but I’ve only had 7 points today, so it’ll be fiiiiine!). Tomorrow, a BBQ – first of the year! Monday, we’re off home and Jay’s going out drinking whilst I join a gym and go for a REALLY long swim!

My weeks are getting quite busy. Next weekend, I’ll be going to Monaco (eeeeeeeee!!) and the weekend after, I’ll be going to Plymouth. The weekend after THAT is a Mason’s do and we’ve got a ladies only table and are going to bring celebrity cardboard cut outs, which shall be awesome.

I think I’m getting dumber. I need to start a hobby that’ll make me smart again. When I was younger, I took my 11+, fell asleep during the verbal reasoning and still got into the top 150. Nowadays, I don’t think I can compute what verbal reasoning is!

Smart hobby suggestions on a postcard please!


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