Girly things: Take Two

I really want a puppy. Like, really really. I can’t decide on breed, but it’ll have to be a small dog, because our house can’t really fit a big dog in it. Actually, I lied. I can narrow it down to two breeds. A pug or a English bulldog, with their wrinkled up noses and stubby little legs. I’m leaning more towards a pug now, whereas at the beginning of the year, all I’d talk about is having a bulldog.

I’m not going to lie, I am a member of You have to believe me when I say that it’s from when Mum was looking for puppies and you have to be a member to know whereabouts in Essex they are based. But I often have a browse around even though she’s got her puppies now… It’s becoming habit.

Puppies with good pedigrees are expensive – a pug can cost you up to around £1,500 and an English bulldog can cost you a whopping £2,000!!! –  however I don’t want a good pedigree dog; just a pet dog. Have you seen all these combinations with a pug?! Some of them are just plain weird. Take a ‘Jug’ for example. A Jack Russell crossed with Pug. Let me post a picture…

These, apparently, are the ‘must have‘ Designer dogs (I hate that phrase for dogs are not accessories!). Although he is admittedly a little cute, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just have a Jack Russell. The cost of one of these little guys (via epupz) is around £300. Bargain, right? I’m going to drag your attention away from his beautiful big brown eyes and show you a not so cute pug hybrid.

WHAT. THE. FUCK. This is a Pug cross Pomeranian. Seriously, do a quick search on that breed. How on earth did this actually happen?! The cost?? £795. I think someone’s a little bit ambitious in their pricing…

For a larger Jug option, you could always go for a Pug cross Beagle – or a Puggle…

To be fair, he looks quite cute – I would take him home! He would set you back around £750. I would happily not buy my new Ikea wardrobe and buy him instead. But needs must outweigh the wants! … But look at his little faaaaaaace…

Other crosses are kind of obvious with French bulldogs and Chihuahuas. The most shocking cross I’ve seen today is a Pug cross Rottweiler. Just how the hell did that even happen?!

Bulldogs, well, they are just so English, aren’t they?? They remind me of little old men. Let’s start posting pictures of English bulldogs that I might get…

(Seriously, this is taking some time to find a picture as I’m blown away by how much they bloody cost!)

Awww, look!! A frickin’ wheelbarrow of bulldog puppies!! Look at all their smooshy faces and their little beer bellies (don’t feed dogs beer) 🙂 This picture has made me smile. I love you, Google images for showing it to me.

So that’s it. A Pug, an English Bulldog or a Puggle is now what I want in my life.

Problems with what I want in my life. Numero uno, I work full time. But I work locally and know my bosses would be completely cool with me, heading home to take my dog out for a walk on my lunch break. Also, I would take tonnes of holiday (like 3 weeks of my 4 weeks!) when we first got it, to ensure that its all house trained and the rest of it.

Number two problem is Jay. He wants a bigger dog, which is really not going to happen in our little living room! Plus, if I’m going to see the dog on my lunch break or whatever, I have to be able to control it a little bit and I can just picture myself being dragged around by a Great Dane. Little dogs are the way forward. Just not chihuahuas or anything like that! They look like rats. At least pugs, puggles or bulldogs look like sturdy creatures, with wide shoulders and strong legs. I think I’m going to have to persuade him for a puggle…

Jay did promise the other night (under the influence of alcohol!) that he would buy me a pug around Christmas time. Ideally, that would be the best time, as I’d still have holiday left from this year and then I’d take some holiday from next year in order for training purposes…

That’s a point, actually. I don’t know how the holidays work at my job, if we have the whole ‘half term’ off or what. I will have to enquire before investing in one of these little guys.


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