Unexpected Weight Loss??

Is there any better feeling in the world than pigging out at the weekend and still managing to lose weight?! Erm. I don’t think so, no.

I lost 2lbs after my weekend of below-standard KFC and wine and drink! Mind you, I have been swimming like a moron to try and burn it off! But still! I so was not expecting it. Plus I ate before I actually got weighed?! And my hair’s growing longer, so that obviously weighs more… So I might’ve actually lost 3 or 4lb! Must not eat before weigh in next week.

Problems have occured by this though. Having lost weight by eating terribly and drinking worse, I am now in cocky frame of mind that I can do it by eating tonnes of stuff that isn’t particularly that good for you. And I’m on holiday at the weekend! Must stick to Vodka Diets – no champers, no wine. Just vodka diet coke. That’s 2 points. I can have 3 Vodka Diets to 2 glasses of wine. Vodka Diet wins.

Must make sure I eat healthily and do some exercise too. I’m quite reluctant of bringing my gym stuff – Jay’s family are in love with the gym, but I hate it. I’m definitely more of a swimmer, but Jay says there’s no pool. Ergh. Well, we will be walking around the Grand Prix track, so that’s like a 3 mile walk or something. That counts. Activity points work like this: if you do an hour of ‘exercise’ (which can even be walking), you get an extra 6 points! 6 points! 3 Vodka Diets! So must make sure I walk for about 3 hours a day in order to account for food that I don’t know the points values for.

So excited about going away again. Need to get more tanned!!

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