An Apology

I have felt a little guilty this evening. One of my old friends is doing a university project to broadcast ‘An Inspector Calls’ online – it’s a play that you study at GCSE level and he’s kind of just doing a project online, I guess. I have followed all the characters and right now, the play is happening on my news feed. I can comment and like all the different script, whichever part I like, which is a very innovative and clever idea.

Here’s the guilty part. He asked me to write a status regarding one of the characters dying, as they’re meant to appear to be real people and I did just that without thinking twice. Suddenly, I had several people asking if I was okay and that they’d been through something similar with their friends, passing away. I feel incredibly guilty. What I should have done is this: posted the dying status and then posted seperately to my friends that it was part of a play and that it hasn’t really happened. I didn’t do the latter.

I just wanted to clear up that what I did wasn’t malicious and meant nastily; I was quite literally helping a friend, but just didn’t think about how people would read it. I do not joke about death or anything and I do not toy around with people’s feelings. I would like to apologise to those who wrote to me, who may feel like I am a completely horrible human being and this was a complete joke, but I assure you it isn’t and that I was just helping a friend. I am sorry for not thinking and bringing up those emotions. I guess that goes to show how powerful Facebook is. The status is now deleted and I hope you can forgive me. I am not a nasty person, just not thoughtful at times.


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